A challenging read from the mystical realm!


Author Elle Klass takes a bold step into the mystical and paranormal genre with her Eye of the Storm. The title itself is open-ended, as readers will discover, and Klass leaves readers with the notion that the storm is not over, its effects spreading widely into a world of shadows and unknowns.41wa5Q1bmbL._UY250_

Klass apparently has a streak of playful wit as she sets up her story for her readers. Be sure you read every word of her book carefully or you’ll miss it. I did, until a fellow reader explained. Klass plants her challenge, and buries deep other nuances for the reader to figure out. After all, you’ve now entered Elle Klass’s mystical world.

Fans of the paranormal genre will welcome Eye of the Storm to their reading shelf. It’s a fresh take on the off-center, the off-kilter, and the unexplainable world without the clear-cut boundaries of reality.

But Klass is not content to deliver a neat little cookie-cutter story for her readers. Instead the ending is the beginning of yet another mystery with an edge as sharp and penetrating as a precision scalpel, and yet as murky as the mystical twilight zone.

Writing about things or an “existence” that reeks with the unexplainable must be difficult and a challenge for a writer. I tip my eReader to Klass’s debut entry into the paranormal genre and give her Five Stars for Eye of the Storm.

Elle Klass’s Author Page.

A fast-moving drama of life on the run!


Street-wise and on the run since the age of 12, trying to remain in stealth mode as she crisscrosses continents, she finds herself in yet another strange environment, but through the help of a “street” friend, she’s “legal” and lethal, when needed. Current name is subject to change, due to unforeseen events. That’s the story world author Elle Klass thrusts her readers into.51GyEPPU1nL._AA160_

The author gives readers a fast-moving story of life on the run with her Baby Girl series. Klass provides twists and turns in her plot, and doesn’t hesitate to load her story with conflict and challenges for her mysterious protagonist.

As a reader, I found it interesting how Klass puts her main character through a variety of roles that most people couldn’t fathom, and yet there is that consistent thread of believability woven throughout.

In many respects, Klass’s Baby Girl series reminds me of the long-lasting popular TV series, The Fugitive, by Roy Huggins. Baby Girl is a suspense-filled depiction of the “hunted on the hunt.” And Baby Girl is current day, real time, back to back, clock-ticking excitement, and made significantly different with Klass’s female protagonist. Baby Girl is a read that will whet your appetite for more of the series.

Baby Girl is a series worthy of Five Gold Stars shining in the light of day. But as readers, we’ll have to wait for Klass to bring from the shadows of the street the conclusion. Author’s choice; we’re waiting Ms. Klass!

Elle Klass’s Author Page.

Breathless Romance Suspense!


Reading a Robyn Roze novel is like being perched on top of the most world-famous roller coaster. You look around; there is no last minute exit door, no parachute, no safety net, no escape. For a moment the coaster experiences the calm of weightlessness with a teasing rollout until gravity beckons, and then all hell breaks loose.51Gs6IC6GcL._AA160_

The gravity of Roze’s characters in Find Her Free Her, the final book in the Keeper Trilogy, takes hold and there’s no turning back. As a reader you can’t reverse the emotional suspense unwinding among Olivia, Jake, and Nick, as their worlds collide in a mind-bending frenzy of inverted emotions and demanding desires.

Roze has no mercy on her characters, confronting them with the impossible, daring them to search for their own resolution and redemption in the spiraling twists and turns toward an unknown destiny until the last page is turned. Of course the reader is left as breathless as her characters, and yet wanting to take another ride on the rollicking roller coaster of Robyn Roze.

I never give away the details of a story in my reviews; I leave that delight for other readers to discover, and enjoy as Roze’s characters come to life and plot their adventure page after page. But you’ll discover her characters are faced with conflicting choices that add intense fuel to the already over-heated story.

Her Five-Star Keeper Trilogy is packed with 500-plus pages of romance, suspense, and thrills to keep you on the edge of your seat, and your e-reader full of passion-driven heat.

Ms. Roze, your readers are standing in line, waiting for your next exciting novel. Keep the ink flowing!

Robyn Roze’s Author Page.

Suspense on the run!


Elle Klass doesn’t waste any time creating challenges for her characters, and surrounding her readers with suspense. After confronting her main character, Cleo, with survival on the streets as a 12 year-old in Baby Girl 1, Klass turns the heat up in Baby Girl 2. Cleo, now a fully blossoming adult woman, is faced with mounting trauma and tragedy, plus some unknowns from her past she didn’t count on.41ONZaNXByL._SS300_

Luckily, out of hardships on the streets, she formed some rare friendships that will get tested for their lasting quality. As unknown threats close in, she is forced from the protective shadows of street life to find safety in another country, France. More unknowns for Cleo to cope with, calling upon her innovative skills in re-making her image. She is no longer Cleo, but now Justine Holmes.

New name, new stunning look, but still dogged by the shadows of her past even though a new happenstance meeting was about to thrust her into the full light of day. Into a world of fame and fortune, taking her to social heights she could have never imagined, bringing her to the blissful threshold of romance and love, until the shadows of the unknown gather once again into threatening storm clouds.

Now forced to run again, fearful of her past and also her growing unease at her own identity, Justine Holmes is riding in a taxi through the dark of night, heading for the airport, ticketed on a flight to the City by the Bay. A destination that’s bound to hold more unknown suspense for a woman on the run.

Author Elle Klass has succeeded in taking an obscure character from the lower layers of the socioeconomic fabric of society, and spinning an exciting story of adventure. And the adventure promises to continue with Baby Girl 3 – City by the Bay.
Five stars for Elle Klass and Baby Girl 2 – Moonlighting in Paris!

Elle Klass’s Author Page.

7 Lovely Things Blog Hop


Seven Lovely Things Blog Hop!

After the invitation from Reed James and Christie St. Claire I decided to jump in and participate in one of the blog hops careening around the internet. My thanks to Reed, and Christie for inviting me. Both have computers smokin’ with sizzling reads. Give them a try, if you can handle the erotic heat.

The idea behind 7 Lovely Things is that I share 7 things you didn’t know about me. But once you read these things I’m sure you’ll agree my 7 naughty erotica titles, Thrill Driven, Lust Driven, Night Rogue, Find Me, Hot Couple, Swap Me, and Taste Me are much more exciting. Download all seven titles. 7 is bound to be a lucky number for you!

Candi Silk’s 7 Lovely Things
1. I cut the cable on paid TV – I refuse to pay for a glut of ads that eat up valuable programing time. I refuse to pay for ads crammed before me. If a company wants me to watch their ad, they should be paying me. Somehow the TV service representative didn’t see my logic. Oh well. I have an over abundance of HD channels on free-air broadcast, plus I stream selected movies. Books are much more interesting!

2. I almost flunked freshman college English – Yeah, almost. But the good thing is, learning isn’t confined to one class, one building, or one campus. And neither should it stop once a diploma is in hand. Learning can take place 24/7 all your life. Your mind thrives on it. Enjoy it!

3. Dropped out of college – After my freshman year, I ran out of money. I dropped out, and worked a full year in a tough environment. I learned more during that one year than any other single year of life. When I re-enrolled that following September, books, classes, professors, and learning had a brand new meaning for me. Challenging and inviting. Try it! You won’t be the same.

4. Quiet! Writer at work – Yes, when it comes to writing I need quietness. I enjoy music, but separately from the actual writing. And the funny thing is, when I’m listening to music I’ll get some great inspiration, and writing ideas. But I have writing colleagues who need music when they write. What’s your style?

5. I have a family filled with diversity – ages, race, religion, cultural, political, education, all kinds of preferences. It’s like being surrounded by the world. We’re all members of planet earth; diversity adds a touch of interesting spice. But we’re more alike than unalike. Right?

6. Cranberries! – I love cranberry-flavored almost anything, and cranberry-pineapple combinations are absolutely decadent and delicious. How about you?

7. Edgy erotica – The title I’m working on now ventures deeply into a popular, but controversial area (sub-genre) of erotica. One that has particularly captured/enthralled and excited married women. And of course their husbands are a vital and exciting key. That’s all I’ll reveal now. Surely you didn’t think I would uncover everything on the public internet? But keep watching, and keep guessing; you might be on to something hot. After all, my readers are smart, sexy, and naughty!

And now let me share some interesting places to hop over to: A few of my author friends. They write in a mixture of genres and know how to put readers on the edge of their seats. I can’t promise what they’ll be working on at the moment. Just check them out for yourself. I flipped a coin and have listed them randomly. Click the highlighted links for their blogs. Enjoy!

Elle Klass – women’s fiction
Evan Asher – contemporary romance
Taylor T. Fulks – women’s fiction
Maggie James – psychological suspense
Michael W. Smart – mystery thriller suspense
Robyn Roze – romantic suspense
The Bee – a blog with lots of buzz
Reed James – erotica
John Tucker – multi-genre
Christie St. Claire – erotica

Five-Star, Heart-throbbing romantic suspense!


Having read Keeper, and Keep Her, by author Robyn Roze, I feel suspended as if nearing the top or crest of a reckless roller coaster. And I’ve come to believe that’s exactly where Roze intends to take her readers, to the edge of anticipation.51qsQinmLRL._AA160_

Keep Her is the second novel in her Keeper Trilogy. Roze packs Keep Her with additional heat as the triangle of main characters, Olivia, Jake, and Nick clutch and claw, trying to guard their intensifying emotional agendas. The author is skillful in keeping the tension tight with conflicting deep-seated desires.

As if that isn’t enough, Roze allows the refreshing new adult and college phase of the characters to be shadowed and challenged by the past that refuses to yield to the present or future. Throw in Roze’s talented approach to unleashing sensuous intimacies, and Keep Her becomes a sizzling brew of hormone-filled entertaining reading.

And the reader is stretched between the blissful allure of romance, and the thrilling draw of risky suspense that seems to breed on its own page after page. It’s the perfect combination of romantic suspense, edgy and seductive.

Keep Her took me to the crest of Roze’s reading roller coaster, as I read the last sentence in the novel. A clincher! I knew then I was hooked on the magnetism of Roze’s writing style and the pulsing storyline, and my Kindle is happy that I downloaded Find Her Free Her, the final book of the Keeper Trilogy. I know I’m in for a daring and entertaining evening on a reading roller coaster that has no limits.

There is no doubt where author Robyn Roze fits on my reading shelf. I’ve decided to Keep Her as a top-shelf favorite, now that I’ve found her!

Keep Her is Five-Star entertainment! So keep your ink pen filled, Ms. Roze, your readers are hooked!

Robyn Roze’s Amazon Author Page.

A Five-Star Heart Clenching Read!


Baby Girl – In The Beginning, is the first in a series, and the author, Elle Klass wastes no time thrusting the reader into the spellbinding story. The setting is one that most will never experience, and one that no one wants to experience. Don’t let the title, Baby Girl, fool you. This is a thrilling young, and new adult read, one fully loaded with the burly experiences of life.516UA+t8Z+L._AA160_

Cleo, abandoned by her mother, is faced with the most primitive level of survival, unless she learns quickly. But at the young age of 12? Extremely challenging, not to mention 24/7 threatening events from every quarter.

Klass does a splendid job balancing the oncoming challenges of street life with the growing resilience of Cleo as she quickly realizes her survival depends upon rapid learning and knowing. On the run in the shadows of society, and deprived of the benefits of public education, Cleo must create her own system of learning, if she is to pass or fail the real tests of survival on her own. And Cleo’s learning goes beyond the confines of a textbook or the bureaucratic bounds of organized schooling.

Baby Girl – In The Beginning has a storyline that becomes believable as Klass paints the unfolding events page by page for the reader. Her characters quickly came to life and as a reader I began to embrace each one. The author has a knack for hooking lots of emotion between the pages to keep readers wondering where things are headed for the story and characters.

Having read As Snow Falls, another novel by Klass, I’m not surprised that she knows how to keep readers entertained as her stories unfold. Baby Girl 1 left me wanting to know the full outcome of Cleo’s drive to survive. My Kindle is loaded, waiting for me to continue the series, and Cleo’s suspenseful journey.

Five-Stars for Baby Girl 1, and the fine job author Elle Klass did writing a highly adventurous read! Keep us entertained Ms. Klass!

Elle Klass’s Amazon Author Page.

A teasing tempting ride you won’t forget!


Reed James has slammed home another winner with My Test-Drive Lover. And he does it with highly-sexed protagonist, Aurora, who is working in a high-priced auto dealership. The manager is putting the pressure on her to close more deals, sell more cars.

Aurora is okay with that in theory, but her idea of closing a deal and making that happen is completely different; much more creative and filled with seductive techniques that aren’t taught in advertising and marketing classes.secucingwomencover2rom

The author revs up My Test-Drive Lover with the highly charged libido of lovable Aurora, who has no limits or inhibitions when a customer, or his Significant Other, is in her hands, literally.

Without giving this story away, let’s just say when Reed James fills his ink pen, things tend to go a bit wild, especially if Aurora is working the story. And in My Test-Drive Lover, Aurora fine-tunes everything, leaving nothing unattended, before bringing the deal of the day to a screaming climax, or close.

Either way, Aurora knows how to make it thrilling. Just remember, if you take a test-drive with Aurora, expect exciting curves as the two of you probe the deep possibilities of a high-performance, up-and-down riding experience. You’ll be impressed with how everything handles and feels, especially when that hot little engine peaks. And the pleasure of doing business and cutting deals with Aurora is worth the price. Her performance alone will keep you coming…back for another deal.

A Five-Star review for My Test-Drive Lover!
And Mr. James, please let us know where Aurora is working next; she’s a delight!

Reed James’s Amazon Page

Thrill Driven Untamed and Unleashed!


Thrill Driven reads at reckless speed!

What happens when a woman is thrill driven? Successful business woman, 36 year-old Marla knows from experience it’s that sudden sharp feeling of excitement. That lusty rush of desire, want, and need, and the craving to satisfy it. More than ever she seeks to do that in Thrill Driven, Candi Silk’s latest erotic escapade.Thrill Driven prplxx09222014

After ending her emotionally barren marriage, Marla has regularly explored sensuous thrills with her favorite bed buddies, Ben and Ray. Both twenty-something, well-equipped studs. Seeking another level of thrills, Marla has invited Sherrie, Ben, and Ray for a long-weekend of “play.” But plans change, as Marla and Sherrie meet a third woman during a night of dancing.

Long-hidden desires come together as the three aroused women drink, dance, and play together. Discovering their womanly libidos are in sync, their swirling desires crave another level of eroticism as Ray joins them. And the night is driven full-throttle as the foursome swap naughty thrill after thrill, panting for satisfaction.

You’ll have a front row seat as uninhibited thrills spill forth page after page, enough to drive your e-reader over the edge, and blazing heat for your reading entertainment!

Thrill Driven, now available from Amazon, Smashwords, and shortly on other distribution channels.

NC Simmons – Five-Star Author


Sizzling sensuality unleashed!

NC Simmons has done it again; kept me entertained for hours. After reading her Guardian Girl, I couldn’t resist the follow up, Wild Wild Wives. And they are that! Simmons allows her characters to unleash their intensely burning fleshly desires, fueling the plot, and thrusting the reader onto a roller coaster of exciting tension. Wild Wild Wives is definitely not a one-night stand. The Chronicles of Staffordshire is projected to be an1800-page epic that covers over forty years of time.Book-2-Wild-Wild-Wives-CopperPlate-NO-Gradiant_Web_Post

The developing interactions and relationships among the characters are spell-binding. And the author handles well the character development that swings and sways along with escalating events, and the unpredictable emotional journey that unravels. Just when you think a character has settled into control of their world, the author, confounds them with another challenge.

Simmons has taken on the mammoth task of making sense of a world immersed in the physical and sexual appetites of colorful individuals. The author’s characters are full-dimension, and I found myself sorting through their uncontrollable passions of the moment, turning pages deep into the night.

Wild Wild Wives is a stand-out novel among the intriguing world of erotica, and I found the author’s approach to be refreshing and entertaining. Wild Wild Wives, is as wild as the title indicates, and is dripping with unbridled sexual passions. With Guardian Girl and Wild Wild Wives, the author has thrown out a developing thread that appears to be leading to a path not usually taken by this genre. And that’s good news and enticing. But I’ve learned one cannot out guess NC Simmons’s work, especially when her unruly characters are at play. Makes me eager to catch the next volume.

Wild Wild Wives is a wild and impressive read. I easily give this book a Five-Star review! Thanks again, Ms. Simmons!

NC Simmons’s Amazon Author Page.

Michael W. Smart – Five-Star Author


An addictive suspense-filled mystery!

Deadeye by Michael W. Smart is a clear cut mystery led by a strong woman sleuth, and loaded with escalating suspense. Deadeye is “smart” writing filled with excellent narration, meaningful dialogue, and a delightful and detailed setting to carry the fast-moving plot.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00044]
But just as the reader is lulled into thinking things are going to get cozy and comfortable in the laid-back Caribbean setting, the tentacles of mystery reach through, pulling you deeper into international intrigue as a couple of seemingly isolated crimes lead to the major involvement of parties in high places, rattling alliances and allegiances along the way.
Smart demonstrates his writing talent through well-crafted characters immersed in maturity and plenty of mystery. Characters whose lives are tossed about in the stormy sea of humanity and human behavior. For instance, the mysterious unknowns of Nicholas Gage speak as loudly as the knowns. There is a hidden mystique about him. No wonder the female protagonist, Jo or JJ, has such a burning desire for him. Their intimate relationship is delicately balanced with fervor and class, by the author. Superintendent Johanssen of the CID, affectionately JJ, and Gage’s relationship is mature and reliable as the seas they sail.

Michael Smart
The reader will find a bit of humor along the way but nothing silly, just good sharp wit. If you’ve never visited the Caribbean Islands or the Grenadines, don’t worry. After reading Deadeye, you’ll feel like you’ve been there. Smart is that good in painting and flavoring the setting and story with his selected word choice. The author even includes a couple of maps in the front of his book. That sure beats looking for the proverbial landmarks such as the weathered barn or the creaking wharf in finding your way through Deadeye.

Overall Deadeye gives the reader the feeling of being immersed in a realistic, grownup world, but surrounded by this impending spine-chilling mystery that won’t go away until solved.
Deadeye has earned its place on my bookshelf, and stands tall among the Chandlers, MacDonalds, Flemings, and others. It’s no mystery to me how easily Michael W. Smart’s Deadeye gets a Five Star review from me. A terrific read, Mr. Smart!

Michael W. Smart’s Amazon Author Page.

Maggie James – Five-Star Author


A riveting psychological suspense thriller!

If you’ve ever tried to separate the variety of flavors swirling together in a fully-loaded ice cream sundae, dripping with succulent tastes, you know the impossibility. Well, Maggie James does something equally impossible with Guilty Innocence, her psychological suspense, in which she separates an intricate mosaic of the human psyche. And she succeeds.

James serves the reader a shocking event in the first few pages of her novel. But rather than leave you with a simplistic journalistic version, she meticulously peels off the layers of complex psychological connections between and among the characters. The author gives the reader plenty of time to know the full dimensions of her intriguing characters.

Guilty Innocence 2686223

The story of Guilty Innocence slowly wraps the characters in a web of emotion and deliberation that catches the reader off guard. Keeping the reader guessing is a hallmark of Maggie James as she comfortably exposes her story, while stripping the psychological cover-ups from the souls of her characters. Yes, you’ll see everything, up close, as if sitting in the jury box of a courtroom.

Be prepared to find yourself in a dilemma, as you deliberate the deeper meaning of Guilty Innocence. The author gives the reader all the pieces, but as judge and jury you’ll still be pondering the “what ifs” long after you turn the last page. That’s what I enjoy about Maggie James’s books, her stories continue to resonate.

With that in mind, as a reader, I’m “guilty” of enjoying Guilty Innocence, but I innocently award it Five Gold Stars. Another splendid piece of writing, Ms. James!

Maggie James’s Author Page.

Bee Halton – Five-Star Author


A sweet-spot in cyberspace!

You’ll have to read the “about” tab on Bee Halton’s blog, The Bee Writes, to get the full explanation of her name. Interesting and delightful! Look for the Happy Bee, buzzing about, collecting all kinds of social pollen to make into some tasty reading and viewing. The Bee Writes is a world away from chaos, and you’ll welcome the calming buzz of The Bee.


Well, yes, there is always nature’s drama in The Bee’s blog. I think of it as a social flower garden. Social blooms and blossoms of reading and writing flirting with the sun, wind, and rain. Baskets of thoughts to tease your imagination. Plenty of summer’s sweltering heat, and lots of drenching after effects as well. But Bee’s writings tend to be on the upside of things about life.

And to top it off, Bee Halton does her share of poetry, all very thoughtful and uplifting. Most of Ms. Halton’s poetry is unbound in a book, and is shared frequently on her blog. Her creative verse is filled with HEAs. She is an active member of the talented Authors Social Media Support Group.

Her social media sites flourish with encouragement, motivation, optimism, and tips for readers and writers. You might find as I have, The Bee is a nice place “to be” calm and still for a few treasured moments, as you ponder the good things in life.

And fun too. For instance a fews days ago The Bee’s Rebel Mouse featured lots of pics of “dog shaming.” I laughed so hard, I had to give up on writing for the rest of the day.

So, yes, Ms. Halton, I’ll give you 5-Stars of Candi for your delicious social “honey” you share with your followers and readers. And thanks for the “buzz.” Who would’ve thought one could pack a blog with so many delightful desserts! Congratulations!

Bee Halton’s Website

R. Grey Hoover – Five-Star Author


An outstanding and honorable military story!

R. Grey Hoover took on a bold challenge when he sat down to write Kicker. Anytime an author undertakes a piece of almost forgotten history, with the mission in mind to recapture fast-fading events, and turn it into a heart-rending novel is brave. But that’s what Hoover did, and did it well.

The CBI (China-Burma-India) Theater of World War II, although the largest in battle-zone area, did not command the spotlight of history as some other aspects of WW II. With Hoover’s in depth research, he pulls together the essential ingredients, and builds a fine piece of military historical fiction for the reader.

Kicker 15980748

But Hoover takes his work a major step further; he links the misery of the CBI experiences of soldiers with the anxiety and anguish of citizens back home waiting day by day for their loved ones to return home. Some did, but many didn’t. It was the era of a Gold Star banner hanging in the windows of the families that had lost loved ones to the war.

Hoover takes the reader deep into the war zone and lets you feel up close the beast of war. He takes you deep in the jungles where you’ll meet more wildlife than you’ll find in any man-made zoo. And you’ll pay any price for a ticket out. But there’s a different kind of scalper to deal with. And they ain’t “scalping” tickets to a rock concert.

Kicker is not a hyped version of military fiction bloated and dependent upon the coarse, salty language of soldiers under war-time stress. For me that was a unique feature that I greatly appreciated, and makes Kicker G-rated and suitable family reading. Hoover demonstrates that an authentic story can be told with civil language.

As I read Kicker, I could feel the tearing and shredding of emotions between loved ones in the CBI war zone and the families back home. While bullets and bombs delivered the war, the author lets the raw human emotions of his full-sized characters carry his story all the way to the end.

Hoover leaves nothing out. He shows the sacrifices made on the battle front, as well as sacrifices made on the home front. He introduces the reader to shortages of raw goods, foods, and materials experienced by American citizens. Ration stamps were more important during WW II than any trendy gadget. Jobs became war-oriented; citizens’ thoughts searched for meaning in a world aflame.

When you read Kicker, you’ll discover just how significant the word “kicker” was in the war effort. You’ll come to realize that any job, task, AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code), or MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) is of equal importance. Remove one, and the mission is threatened.

For most individuals war is remote, but Hoover fulfills his mission admirably. He brings the reader a spell-binding and enlightening story that should long be remembered, and he does it with the fire-power of good writing style, “top-notch brass” pacing, and with full-colors flying. And he does it with sterling word-choice, one page at a time.

I commend Hoover for delivering his story with a perfect “kick.” I gladly award Five-Stars, brightly polished gold stars, for recapturing an important time in the human experience. Kicker has a permanent place on my reading shelf.

“Front and center, Mr. Hoover. Honorable work! Five-Stars and more for your contribution to the writing world, and your service to your country!”

Hoover’s Author Page.

Elle Klass – Five-Star Author


Resonates with heart-warming emotion!

Deciding to purchase and read As Snow Falls by Elle Klass hinged on something intriguing that many authors have attempted to do: Pigeon-hole human behavior and/or the human experience. From the 1984 popular and somewhat controversial Passages by Gail Sheehy through current day, countless authors have taken on that challenge of defining the human experience. But often the approach is to lump our human experiences into big chunky categories, e.g., the teens, the 20s, 30s, 40s, etcetera. I think you get the picture.

new cover 2

Elle Klass goes beyond that. Rather than trying to squeeze the entire universe into bulky packages or compartments, the author takes a single life, and As Snow Falls tells the reader a story, simple and plain, but one loaded with a lifetime of heart-tugging experiences, as full-sized characters come to life.

The book is simple enough, but deep as the falling snow with heart-touching passages of time from the vantage point of one individual and her radiating circles of relationships that begin to form and expand over time.

Klass breaks through another barrier. As a reader, I love dialogue; I thrive on it. This is a telling story, but is it ever real, so real it becomes an experience of intimacy for the reader. I loved the simple “telling.” Klass’s blend of words and sentences not only reveals the heart of her story, but exposes the reader’s feelings at every level. Thus that feeling of intimacy with the central character, Storm, as she shares the reflections of her life.

The author chooses a perfect setting as she unravels her story. A mountain cabin, simply furnished, but rich with memories of the passage of time, as the rocking chair creaks quietly, and As Snow Falls outside. Klass leaves nothing out. Her story is rich with emotion, complete with phases, ages and stages, and pivotal points and places that form the dots along life’s path that we often fail to connect, until we reflect, quietly.

This is a story about aspirations, dreams, falling down and getting up, and following dreams again. You’ll come face to face with the simple arithmetic of life, the adding and the subtracting, the gains, the losses, and rewards. But it all adds up as reflections of memories, As Snow Falls.

me and wesley

It is a beautifully written excursion of the human experience. Imagine gathering with a few close friends up at the mountain cabin, favorite beverage at hand, and crackling fire in the hearth. The author, Elle Klass, is seated before us in a rocking chair, gives us a smile, nods toward the large picture window framing the snowy night, and quietly says, “As Snow Falls, let me tell you a story.”

And Klass does just that, an evening filled with Five-Stars of enjoyment from her emotion-tugging story. As Snow Falls has earned a permanent place in my women’s fiction books. And I gladly give another Five-Stars for the selection of the book’s cover which was illustrated by Renae Van Brunt, the author’s daughter. In a world where everything screams for attention with vivid color, the simple, subtle drawing was a welcome relief.

Congratulations! A high-Klass piece of work, Ms. Klass, in every sense of the word.

Elle Klass’s Amazon Page.

Reed James – Five-Star Author


A scorching, sensuous seduction!

Reed James is a rarity. He’s a male author not only writing in the realm of erotica-erotic-romance, but writes with a sensitivity for his women characters. A rarity on both accounts. Few male authors venture into the “lovey-dovey” side of writing. Reed James is a refreshing stand-out among his writing colleagues.

After checking out the author’s online activity and reading the Amazon preview pages for The Girl at the Bar, I was convinced I was in for an evening of reading entertainment. And James proved he was up to the task.


He writes with a pen that flows with liquid heat, as his characters get fired up with their desires of the flesh. The author has a knack for creating characters that could easily be the neighbor next door, but once unleashed on the pages of his erotica titles all bets of innocence are off, including several articles of clothing.

The Girl at the Bar is premium-packed with passion as the lead character, Aurora, sets her sights on the next woman she intends to seduce—from the book’s description you know Aurora is comfortable with her lesbian tendencies. As a reader, I raced on to the next pages eager to discover how Aurora would lure her prey and enjoy the delights of her bootie. But this is no ordinary seduction; it’s the seduction of a “straight” woman. We’re already at flame-thrower heat level. Scorching!

With Aurora loose in the night, no woman is safe, or shall I say no woman’s sexuality will ever be unexciting and boring again, when at the mercy of Aurora’s roving hands and tantalizing tongue.

Reed James selects the right word combinations to entice the reader further into his story, swirling with a mixture of desires and needs seeking satisfaction, over and over through the night. His word choice coaxes and teases the reader into the seductive pull of physical desire matched with emotional wants. No shortage of rewards for the reader’s expectations.

The Girl at the Bar is a time-release bundle of reading entertainment that led me to download the sequel, My Test-Drive Lover. As I expected, an even hotter read involving naughty ladies that enjoy every delicious uninhibited thing they do.

Reed James has earned a shelf inside my Kindle, and I easily give him Five Smoking-Hot Stars for his writing entertainment in The Girl at the Bar, and My Test-Drive Lover. Well done, Mr. James!

Reed James Amazon Page

Evan Asher – Five-Star Author


A small town romance embraced with big time emotion!

I came upon The Profiteer by browsing through Amazon’s genres. After reading the preview sample, I knew I had to read this book by new author, Evan Asher.

But here’s the catch with a book like this, brand new author and contemporary romance. Hardly an earth-shaking event. Even the book description indicated the story might be soft around the edges. How original is that for romance? So what was the draw for me, a reader? The author’s refreshing writing style and crisp presentation. The preview pages sold me upfront that Asher would know what to do with a handful of words, and a town teeming with tension and temptation.


And yet when an author takes on the age-old story of romance he/she assumes total responsibility for figuring out how to keep the reader turning page after page. And with a simple plot, pressure to please the reader is even greater. The author must surely be prepared to turn simplicity into swirling entertainment. Evan Asher delivers, big time!

Asher entertains with the simple setting of a small town about to undergo big change that churns around the hero and heroine. Using only the back drop of a picturesque small town and the emotional turmoil of his leading characters, Asher does his best work. He doesn’t rely upon dramatic effects, car crashes, or some spiffy black ops new technology to inflate his story. He doesn’t need it. He works with his characters, and takes time to fully develop them, penning a delicious romance with the emotions from the hearts of his characters. Simplicity, simmering into unstoppable feelings.

As the reader, I experienced the swing and sway of romance in-the-making, only to be jolted by the sinking feeling of losing that heartfelt romance. But then Asher allows for the recapturing of an even greater euphoria that is well-told in The Profiteer. Other aspects of his story are conveyed easily with his select word choice that flowed naturally, without a spot of artificiality. His writing gave me that down-home comfortable feeling that I wanted to hang on to and commit to memory. And the touch of his pen captured seamlessly female and male emotions as interactions bantered back and forth.

And there’s plenty of passion in The Profiteer, but Asher has a good sense of timing as he landscapes the storyline with ample sizzle to make you want more. The author handles sensual intimacies delicately, tastefully, and yet I felt the deep strong currents of passion coursing through the characters. I found myself pulling for those kinder, softer, gentler values of the human spirit. So, who should read The Profiteer? Well, grandma for starters, then grandpa, and mom and dad, and yes, aunts and uncles, cousins, and teenagers about to graduate. And it should be a favorite among the new adult generation. The Profiteer can grace my coffee table any day of the week.

I compliment Asher for the bonus of a well-edited book to enhance the ease of reading. With the length of the book and quality of content, I would easily shoulder it against another popular novel, The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller. Both provided equal entertainment for me. And both carry the power of simplicity embraced by romance.

After finishing The Profiteer, I wished I could get a one-way ticket on a slow-moving Greyhound bus to Cedar Grove and enjoy those characters for real.

Evan Asher, thanks for a Five-Star evening of reading entertainment from The Profiteer. I’ll look for your continued good works of contemporary romance.

Here is Evan Asher’s Amazon Author Page.


John Tucker – Five-Star Author


An explosive novel packed with dynamite drama!

A refreshing voice of fiction sounds across the Deep South’s landscape; that of multi-genre author, John Tucker.

I didn’t know who the heck John Tucker was, until I stumbled across his books on Amazon. But that’s part of the fun in discovering new authors, scavenging around through the different genres. The title, Splits in the Skin, caught my eye, and after reading the preview pages, I was hooked by the author’s style and the content of his story.


It’s true what they say about the glitz of Georgia and the allure of Atlanta, but when John Tucker peeled back the outer skin, some hidden truths of Georgia broke out, beginning on page one of Splits in the Skin.

As a reader I soon found myself riding in the car of bounty hunter, Ellis Hardigree, going somewhere unknown to me. Heck, I wasn’t even sure the bounty hunter knew where we were going. I had the distinct impression that he was the kind of guy who acted first and planned later. That should have been fair warning of the gaggle of characters I would soon be meeting.

As the skyline of Atlanta began to shrink in the passenger’s side view mirror, I turned and looked at the stretch of road ahead, lined with smaller houses, interspersed with out-of-date trailers, and a couple of tar-papered “churches” along the way. A step back in time. Throw in a few roadside stands selling peaches, pecans, and peanuts and you’ve got another authentic side of Georgia. With an environment like that, surely nothing good could become of this story. But the author knows what to do with those ingredients and more.

Tucker has bundled together characters flawed to hell and back, but they all had one thing in common, an agenda. Different agendas. Burning agendas driven by their own individual wants. And that is an explosive mixture. The kind I enjoy as a reader. His characters remind me of the quirkiness of characters from Justified, the ever-popular TV series based on the work of the late Elmore Leonard. Yes, I think Tucker is that good. He deftly places his characters in position and the thrills spill forth.

The author balances the unfolding drama in such a manner that you’re never sure which way the story will swing next. I tried a number of times out-guessing the storyline, but couldn’t. I like for an author to keep me guessing until the last few pages of a novel. And Tucker does that.

With over a million words in the English language, Tucker has mastered word choice like an artist selecting paints for her canvas. With Tucker’s word selection, as a reader, you’ll taste the bubblegum-flavored kiss the bounty hunter stole from that sexy blonde “Georgia peach.” And you’ll feel the heated passion in the kisses he shared in the dark of night with another cuddly “peach.” That was one thing the bounty hunter had a plan for. A bounty hunter who could distinguish between prey and booty.

As a reader I could “feel” and “sense” the emotional drama unfolding, through the honed words of the author, as the agendas continued to swirl and coalesce in an explosive mix of energy. I found Tucker’s writing more arousing than any five-hour energy drink on the market. Splits in the Skin will keep you awake non-stop.

And Tucker’s pacing of Splits in the Skin was just right. Sometimes it was as fast and risky as an ole fashion Georgia red-clay race track on a sweaty Saturday night. Other times the flow was like a spring breeze across the Georgia hills. Just long enough for the reader to catch one’s breath, before all hell breaks loose again.

There is another touchy element of Tucker’s drama/thriller that paws and growls for attention. It’s a taboo topic, which I won’t mention, and some writer’s avoid it, but not this author. Another reason for me to like Tucker’s work. He’s bold. He handles the taboo issue skillfully, letting it boil and fester through the actions and thoughts of his characters, giving equal exposure to opposing forces and feelings, letting the merits and resilience of ideas and beliefs seek resolution and redemption in the market place of good and evil. Ultimately, as the reader, I was left with a rich story to ponder and wonder about.

When I finished Splits in the Skin, I slipped my copy onto my bookshelf alongside Margaret Mitchell, Pat Conroy, Anne Rivers Siddons. Yes, I enjoyed Tucker that much. Great entertainment and worthy of Five-Stars and more. Your “brand” of Georgia will be on my mind for a long time to come. Keep writing Mr. Tucker! My entertainment depends upon it.

Here is Tucker’s Author Page.



Karena Marie – Five-Star Author


The Happy Spinster drips with pulse-quickening pleasure!

Tawny Hudson is a dangerous but exciting woman. Why? Because she’s at that cusp in a woman’s life that’s tantalizingly risky. Risky for herself, and those around her. Tawny is in her early forties, single, and successful by any standards. She’s in that age-zone of having wisdom from past experiences, but still blossoming into full blown maturity with an unleashed eagerness to try new adventures. So anyone hooking up with her exposes themselves to high-risk involvement. Tawny exudes reckless fun. Could be over-the-edge interesting.

The Happy Spinster

And author, Karena Marie, makes it so, as auburn-haired Tawny Hudson from Montreal meets smoky green-eyed Troy from Texas. Sparks fly wildly, and both have their hands full. Literally. As the story unfolds, the full flavor of past hurts and happiness in the background of The Happy Spinster begin to play out. The author knows just how to pull the reader along on Tawny Hudson’s nocturnal adventures. But the stakes increase as the self-assured Tawny is tempted by equally self-assured Troy from Texas. I felt the tangle of temptations as I turned the pages.

The author writes with a direct, crisp, style that reflects the determined nature of the protagonist. This is not an ambivalent story, but one that’s on a direct course of pleasure-seeking. And as a reader, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the heat-filled encounters of Tawny and Troy. Umm, being in the middle can be exciting!

The Happy Spinster is a character-driven tale that is easily carried by protagonist, Tawny Hudson. From page one her confidence moves her on a direct course, heading for exactly what she wants, when she wants it, and from whom. Not an ounce of bashfulness can be found in Tawny’s hungry body or her seductive words. She is very much a woman who’s in control, holding equally “her liquor, and her licker.”

Although Tawny and Troy have different cultural and motivational origins, they find an intensely sensuous playground on which to tangle. Both sense a deeper fulfilment, but neither knows just how far and how much they’ll have to give in order to get their final satisfactions. As physical passions sizzle, both Tawny and Troy are challenged by the yonder horizon of the future. As a reader, I like a story spiced with that kind of suspense.

The author has primed her first book with a number of possibilities, and it looks as though Tawny Hudson has some stimulating experiences in store as The Happy Spinster series continues. Tawny has demonstrated that she’s ready, willing, and open—in a number of ways—for fulfillment of her desires and wants, and apology is not a word in her vocabulary. She’d pass as an innocent spinster in your neighborhood, but when night shadows fall, she’s on the prowl and all options are on the table. Uh…let’s make that, all options are on the bed. Never underestimate a woman full of passion, entering the gateway to her forties.

By the time I finished reading the first volume, my Kindle was panting heavily, and I was too. Thanks, Ms. Marie, for an evening of Five-Star entertainment! Let your suggestive pen continue, as The Happy Spinster entertains your readers.


Taylor Evan Fulks – Five-Star Author


“A Captivating, Controversial, and Compelling Read!” ~ Candi Silk

The author, Taylor Evan Fulks, is direct and honest about My Prison Without Bars. In the front matter of her book she clearly tells the reader what her story is about and the style and manner in which she wrote it. She clearly states her story-telling intentions, and gives warning to potential readers that her story is about child sexual abuse, and she would pull no punches in delivering her message of what happened to the protagonist, Taylor Smith a little three year-old girl.

IMG_1463-200x300 TFulks

After I’d read the preview pages offered by Amazon, I knew Fulks had more than ample ability to pull my interest from page to page, and she continued to do so for the next 434 pages. The content is not pleasant, but the author, with her flowing writing style, glides the reader page by page, like a river guide taking you on a wild rafting ride, as she navigates through deadly events. You’ll arrive safely, but your inner person will be rattled in a memorable way.

But you must read this riveting dark story, before you can appreciate the light at the end. If you never experienced what it was like being on a cheerleading team, now’s your chance. When you read My Prison Without Bars, you’ll find yourself cheering for little 3-year-old Taylor Smith. And before the book ends, you’ll discover something very powerful about the human spirit.

While most typical 3-year-old girls were surrounded by the comforts of cookies and cuddly things, Taylor’s fragile body and spirit was cornered, coerced, conspired against, and cramped into a crucible containing a chaotic blend of mental, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Family dysfunction at its worst. Yes, a very real “prison without bars.” And no one offered her a key or a “get out of jail FREE card.” People around her looked right through her; Taylor was a non-person to them, good only for using and abusing.
What makes My Prison Without Bars such an outstanding story is the mismatch between the selfish greed and bullying thrust upon Taylor, and that innocent spark of self-worth hiding within her tiny human spirit. Evil and bad stuff are never a match. Resilience prevails.

If I were an administrator or teaching today at a college or university, My Prison Without Bars would be required reading, campus-wide. Remember, there are worthy books in addition to just the classics of old. Throughout Fulk’s book, she raises critical questions of who, what, where, how, when, and why that would stir enriching debate within every academic discipline or venue.

Why would I require MPWB for all disciplines? Because abuse, and bullying are systemic; it occurs in every setting: the privacy of homes, the neighborhood, the school, the workplace, the recreation place, and yes, even “houses of religion.” Denying it doesn’t make it go away. If we deny it, we are aiding and abetting the abuse.

Even during the darkest pages, as I continued to follow the traumatic journey of more than nine years of living Hell, Taylor Smith offered tidbits of humor to offset her pain and misery. As Taylor entered her school years, individuals and institutions continued to fail her. Each time she thought she’d found a friendship that would welcome her into normalcy, deception claimed the moment, and her struggle continued.

As a reader your emotions are going to be put through the wringer until you discover, along with Taylor, the power of self-worth. There’s no way to capture that in a summary sentence. You’ll have to experience it along with Taylor. Self-worth is always present but the challenge is to claim it, and that can be difficult when facing gigantic odds. But once claimed, there was no stopping Taylor Smith or Taylor Fulks.

So where are they today? I’m not exactly sure geographically, but I just know they are well above any “glass ceiling” in the area. Taylor Smith, the heroine, and Taylor Fulks, the author are real break-through women to be highly regarded and appreciated for claiming what was theirs all along, their self-worth. Oh, yes, they’ve got the bruises and dents to prove it, but those beautiful bashes and scrapes make them priceless, a real treasure of winning resilience.

Congratulations, Taylor Evan Fulks, for a riveting, inspiring, and enlightening book. I never imagined a little 3-year-old would become one of my super heroines, but then again, Jesus of long ago did indicate the value of little children. It’s sad that some modern-day humans haven’t caught up to that valuable truth.

Not many would open themselves to vulnerability by publishing such a sensitive topic as child sexual abuse. Only a seasoned, confident, break-through woman who is intimately familiar with the true meaning of vulnerable would do such a daring, heroic thing. More admiration for you and your Five-Star novel, Ms. Fulks.

You’re a Five-Star Author! My Prison Without Bars is a well-written captivating, memorable read, and an example of someone willing to reach out to the helpless, hopeless, and vulnerable. There’s always space on my reading shelf for your books, Ms. Fulks!

Five Stars and more for you telling little Taylor’s story of trauma and triumph!

(Taylor Fulks’s Author Page.)

Gerald Greene – Five-Star Author


Gerald Greene writes with the authenticity of his service as a Vietnam War Veteran. Wars usually sprawl and scatter its spawned horrors. The author gathers with impressive skill some of those remnants of war, condensing them into Collateral Damage: Red Flag. He even manages to run the fragile thread of romance through his military thriller.

Although the author shows the reader mercy by toning down the gore of war, he plots the right amount of shocks and surprises to make a believer out of the reader that yes, a future that horrible is quite possible. New readers to military thrillers will appreciate Greene’s smoothly developed plot of events. But make no mistake, each event becomes more believable as one pages through his story.

Greene anchors the plot of CD through different first-person perspectives, which left me with an array of emotions to sort through as different individuals moved the story forward. CD is tightly written, but when I finished it, I knew CD was a lit fuse leading to the author’s other nine novels, just waiting to erupt, page by page.

Mission accomplished, Mr. Greene! Collateral Damage gave me an afternoon of Five-Star entertainment. And your Vietnam War service is greatly appreciated!

Robyn Roze – Five-Star Author


It’s risky business reading an author for the first time. You don’t know whether you’re going to be entertained or bored, or somewhere in between. But that’s part of the excitement; not knowing, but still there’s that risk. After checking out Robyn Roze’s blog, social media sites, and reading the preview pages of her book, Keeper, I took the risk.

I’m delighted to say my “reading blind date” with Keeper by Robyn Roze turned out to be an exciting entertaining read with only one downside; Keeper kept me reading deep into the night. Lost sleep over this edgy book.

Keeper by Robyn Roze

Roze does a masterful job blending and balancing all those behind-the-scenes details that go into a novel. You know, things like setting, plot, character development, word choice and other details. The author knows the right combination to create a story world of entertainment. Even those sometimes controversial elements of intimacy between characters is handled with explicit balance, yet fully descriptive to keep the reader’s feelings on edge. For me, as a reader, that’s entertainment.

Five Stars for you Ms. Roze for Five-Star entertainment in Keeper. Soooo will I read Roze’s second book in the Trilogy? Is it possible to take one-third of a roller-coaster ride? I’m getting ready to download #2, Keep Her. Well done, Ms. Roze! I’ll catch up with you when the roller coaster stops. Whew!

You can catch up with Robyn Roze at her inviting  website.

True Confessions and Five-Star Authors


I made four confessions on Twitter this week. 1. Reading an author’s book is one of the most intimate relationships on our planet. Sitting quietly and mingling your thoughts with the author’s work is…intellectual soul-touching. Very intimate stuff. Agree? 2. For me, writing and reading is mixing business with pleasure. And it’s delicious and legal. 3. Yes, I always want something from you, my writing friends. I want the very best of your writing to keep me entertained…all through the night. Already sounds interesting? 4. And when you entertain me with Five-Stars, I’m gonna call you out, and expose you to my world. So always dress for the occasion…seductively.

Although I write erotica, I read from a number of genres, so no book is off limits for me. But I don’t consider myself a “reviewer” of books. My focus is mainly on how well a book kept me entertained. I can be somewhat forgiving for a few typos, grammatical errors, unfriendly layout/format, and other odds and ends. I’ll leave those details—although highly important—for others to obsess over. The question is, Can you tell me a story that will keep me entertained page after page?

I’ll bet you can. As a result I’ll become a better reader and writer. I’m pretty sure I’ve made more mistakes in my writing journey than you have. When mistakes are caught by me, or others, I try to correct them quickly. Because you see, writing is a “becoming” process, not necessarily a finished product with the first draft.

Michael Jordan did not become a champion athlete the first time he bounced a basketball; he became an all-star, day by day, and game by game, bruises and all. Caleb Johnson, this year’s American Idol winner, made three audition attempts, and then he “became.” That’s how we’ll become the best writers.

So check out my Five-Star Author tab. I look forward to sharing names, week after week of works that gave me Five-Star entertainment.

I encourage you to check out their work on their websites, blogs, author pages, and other social media sites. And I’m counting on you to give them five-star reviews. (Full cooperation will keep you off Candi’s naughty list. Trust me, you do NOT want to be on that list.) :)

Have Fun With Books!


That title might be a little offensive to some or seem like a misnomer. We’ve all had our unique experiences with books and the printed page. Many of those experiences were not pleasant. Remember how painful it was when your teachers gave that dreaded assignment that you must read certain books and write a report if you intended to pass the course. Ugh!


But once through school or college your time is more flexible and so are your choices, especially when it comes to deciding what you want to read. Even though most communities, local or global, are immersed in advanced audio and visual technologies, books, either printed or digital, remain a great global pastime for learning or pleasure.


There are many platforms for acquiring books to add to your personal library, and one of the most convenient that I’ve discovered is just a click away with Google BoHotCouple jhbSilk02042014oks and Google Play. If you’re tied in with the Google products, you’ve already discovered how closely linked your email, circles, communities and other connections are to each other. And with a few clicks you can be virtually surrounded by an abundance of books. I’m working to have all of your favorite Candi Silk titles listed.


And it’s such a great time of year to settle back with some fresh downloads for pleasure reading. Yes, pleasure reading for the coming balmy spring days and the full heat of summer. A comfortable reading corner, your favorite beverage, and the next book you’re going to jump into. And of course it’s much more enjoyable if you share the reading with your SO. I have two neighbors, husband and wife, who read to each other. Yes, romance is in the air!


Well, now, it’s even more enjoyable if you’re reading one of my Erotic Escapades with your SO. But let me warn you, Candi’s erotica can stir your libido, and if that happens, well, umm…maybe you should put the book down and pay attention to your libido, but I can’t be responsible for what you and your SO get into.


Have fun with Candi Silk’s Erotic Escapades! They’re “breaking-out” at your favorite online bookseller.

It’s Book Season!


Since Halloween, we’ve eaten our way through different seasons of candy; Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, St. Patrick, and now Easter. The shelves are loaded with pastel-colored Peeps. (I wonder, do Peeps tweet?) And soon we’ll be into red, white and blue cotton candy for Memorial Day and July 4th (here in America). Amazingly, candy finds its way into most of our seasons of celebration.


But books never go out of season. Every year millions of books are published in print and e-book formats. That means readers have tremendous and often overwhelming choices. But having a wealth of options isn’t a new occurrence. For most of the world, we see an abundance of choices on menus, in clothing stores, yearly car models, entertainment venues, and other areas where consumers gather.

People primarily read fiction for entertainment, enabling a reader to escape into a world of fictional characters. When one reads, the mind engages and becomes active along with the characters and story. Words do wonderful things by eliciting flashing images in the mind of the reader. Images that touch the very essence of a reader’s experiences, feelings, and fantasies.

I write erotica, flavored with naughty characters as they embrace their sexuality. I write one “shade” of erotica: Mutual Pleasure. NEVER abusive. And I have given “select” words my special meanings. In each Erotic Escapade you’ll find a copy of Candi Silk’s Wicked Words. It’ll introduce you to my “style” of erotica. And I hope my writings will bring you many entertaining images. “Oh, my yes-s-s!”

TASTE ME is full of sensuous flavor.

So enjoy a taste of Candi!