Welcome to Candi Silk’s Writing Studio!

I’m glad you stopped by! Fill your glass, slip off your panties, but hang on to your pearls. A woman needs a little something to cover her naughty innocence. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to discover some blazing fun erotica. However, my writing studio is approved for general audiences, so let’s all be on good civil behavior. Only my fictional characters get to misbehave and say things in my books we can’t say here. Thanks for your cooperation! Now let’s have fun!

Get 3 FREE books. Details at bottom of page.

dreamstime_m_3887232 Red lace lust pearlsMy online writing studio is my favorite piece of cyberspace where friends like you can stop by anytime for a few entertaining minutes. Although my studio is small and equipped with just my naughty pen, ink and paper, it is where my big and wild imagination creates those fun and naughty characters you can enjoy in my books. My books love hanging out here, and I think of my studio as the Nation of Naughty. Each time you read one of my books, my naughty characters start fooling around with each other. Whew! What a smokin’ reckless bunch!

More than a dozen naughty books for you, and I’m working on the next one. Click on the Candi’s Books tab above and discover a book you would enjoy reading.

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NaughtyWife 1 01162016


HotCouple jhbSilk02042014NaughtyWife 2 01162016SwapMe jhb02102014Book1_TasteMe_Option2


Lust Driven jhb02102014Find Me final cover03012014book-cover-NightRogue_3Thrill Driven 10212016

















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Click here: Candi’s Rebel Readers. There’s a FREE “kick-starter library” of 3 naughty books and bonus chapters waiting for you!

Enjoy visiting, share your thoughts, and come back often!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Candi Silk’s Writing Studio!

    • Phoenix, thanks for your question. My first six books took me about a year to write and publish. After that, I started scheduling about half my days for marketing. The last three books, Thrill Driven, The Naughty Wife, and The Aroused MILF took about seven months. I visited your blog; I encourage you to continue you writing journey each day. Write your stories; there are many wonderful readers waiting to read them.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for your kind and encouraging words and I really appreciate you taking time to stop by my blog too.

        Six books in a year WOW I am struggling just to get two done this year, with working full time and family commitments and keeping up with websites and marketing …… I need a 36 hour day and an 8 day week would be nice too.


      • LOL! I’ve been trying to buy a clock that will give me 48 hours per day, but the clerk just looks at me and shrugs. Write what is comfortable for you. I’m more likely to turn out a couple of books per year like many other self-published authors do. Writing an entertaining and interesting book for readers is more important than rushing. The best to you!

        Liked by 1 person

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