Have Fun With Books!

That title might be a little offensive to some or seem like a misnomer. We’ve all had our unique experiences with books and the printed page. Many of those experiences were not pleasant. Remember how painful it was when your teachers gave that dreaded assignment that you must read certain books and write a report if you intended to pass the course. Ugh!


But once through school or college your time is more flexible and so are your choices, especially when it comes to deciding what you want to read. Even though most communities, local or global, are immersed in advanced audio and visual technologies, books, either printed or digital, remain a great global pastime for learning or pleasure.


There are many platforms for acquiring books to add to your personal library, and one of the most convenient that I’ve discovered is just a click away with Google BoHotCouple jhbSilk02042014oks and Google Play. If you’re tied in with the Google products, you’ve already discovered how closely linked your email, circles, communities and other connections are to each other. And with a few clicks you can be virtually surrounded by an abundance of books. I’m working to have all of your favorite Candi Silk titles listed.


And it’s such a great time of year to settle back with some fresh downloads for pleasure reading. Yes, pleasure reading for the coming balmy spring days and the full heat of summer. A comfortable reading corner, your favorite beverage, and the next book you’re going to jump into. And of course it’s much more enjoyable if you share the reading with your SO. I have two neighbors, husband and wife, who read to each other. Yes, romance is in the air!


Well, now, it’s even more enjoyable if you’re reading one of my Erotic Escapades with your SO. But let me warn you, Candi’s erotica can stir your libido, and if that happens, well, umm…maybe you should put the book down and pay attention to your libido, but I can’t be responsible for what you and your SO get into.


Have fun with Candi Silk’s Erotic Escapades! They’re “breaking-out” at your favorite online bookseller.

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