True Confessions and Five-Star Authors

I made four confessions on Twitter this week. 1. Reading an author’s book is one of the most intimate relationships on our planet. Sitting quietly and mingling your thoughts with the author’s work is…intellectual soul-touching. Very intimate stuff. Agree? 2. For me, writing and reading is mixing business with pleasure. And it’s delicious and legal. 3. Yes, I always want something from you, my writing friends. I want the very best of your writing to keep me entertained…all through the night. Already sounds interesting? 4. And when you entertain me with Five-Stars, I’m gonna call you out, and expose you to my world. So always dress for the occasion…seductively.

Although I write erotica, I read from a number of genres, so no book is off limits for me. But I don’t consider myself a “reviewer” of books. My focus is mainly on how well a book kept me entertained. I can be somewhat forgiving for a few typos, grammatical errors, unfriendly layout/format, and other odds and ends. I’ll leave those details—although highly important—for others to obsess over. The question is, Can you tell me a story that will keep me entertained page after page?

I’ll bet you can. As a result I’ll become a better reader and writer. I’m pretty sure I’ve made more mistakes in my writing journey than you have. When mistakes are caught by me, or others, I try to correct them quickly. Because you see, writing is a “becoming” process, not necessarily a finished product with the first draft.

Michael Jordan did not become a champion athlete the first time he bounced a basketball; he became an all-star, day by day, and game by game, bruises and all. Caleb Johnson, 2014 American Idol winner, made three audition attempts, and then he “became.” That’s how we’ll become the best writers.

So check out my Five-Star Author tab. I look forward to sharing names, week after week of works that gave me Five-Star entertainment.

I encourage you to check out their work on their websites, blogs, author pages, and other social media sites. And I’m counting on you to give them five-star reviews. (Full cooperation will keep you off Candi’s naughty list. Trust me, you do NOT want to be on that list.) 🙂

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