Reed James – Five-Star Author

A scorching, sensuous seduction!

Reed James is a rarity. He’s a male author not only writing in the realm of erotica-erotic-romance, but writes with a sensitivity for his women characters. A rarity on both accounts. Few male authors venture into the “lovey-dovey” side of writing. Reed James is a refreshing stand-out among his writing colleagues.

After checking out the author’s online activity and reading the Amazon preview pages for The Girl at the Bar, I was convinced I was in for an evening of reading entertainment. And James proved he was up to the task.


He writes with a pen that flows with liquid heat, as his characters get fired up with their desires of the flesh. The author has a knack for creating characters that could easily be the neighbor next door, but once unleashed on the pages of his erotica titles all bets of innocence are off, including several articles of clothing.

The Girl at the Bar is premium-packed with passion as the lead character, Aurora, sets her sights on the next woman she intends to seduce—from the book’s description you know Aurora is comfortable with her lesbian tendencies. As a reader, I raced on to the next pages eager to discover how Aurora would lure her prey and enjoy the delights of her bootie. But this is no ordinary seduction; it’s the seduction of a “straight” woman. We’re already at flame-thrower heat level. Scorching!

With Aurora loose in the night, no woman is safe, or shall I say no woman’s sexuality will ever be unexciting and boring again, when at the mercy of Aurora’s roving hands and tantalizing tongue.

Reed James selects the right word combinations to entice the reader further into his story, swirling with a mixture of desires and needs seeking satisfaction, over and over through the night. His word choice coaxes and teases the reader into the seductive pull of physical desire matched with emotional wants. No shortage of rewards for the reader’s expectations.

The Girl at the Bar is a time-release bundle of reading entertainment that led me to download the sequel, My Test-Drive Lover. As I expected, an even hotter read involving naughty ladies that enjoy every delicious uninhibited thing they do.

Reed James has earned a shelf inside my Kindle, and I easily give him Five Smoking-Hot Stars for his writing entertainment in The Girl at the Bar, and My Test-Drive Lover. Well done, Mr. James!

Reed James Amazon Page

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