Bee Halton – Five-Star Author

A sweet-spot in cyberspace!

You’ll have to read the “about” tab on Bee Halton’s blog, The Bee Writes, to get the full explanation of her name. Interesting and delightful! Look for the Happy Bee, buzzing about, collecting all kinds of social pollen to make into some tasty reading and viewing. The Bee Writes is a world away from chaos, and you’ll welcome the calming buzz of The Bee.


Well, yes, there is always nature’s drama in The Bee’s blog. I think of it as a social flower garden. Social blooms and blossoms of reading and writing flirting with the sun, wind, and rain. Baskets of thoughts to tease your imagination. Plenty of summer’s sweltering heat, and lots of drenching after effects as well. But Bee’s writings tend to be on the upside of things about life.

And to top it off, Bee Halton does her share of poetry, all very thoughtful and uplifting. Most of Ms. Halton’s poetry is unbound in a book, and is shared frequently on her blog. Her creative verse is filled with HEAs. She is an active member of the talented Authors Social Media Support Group.

Her social media sites flourish with encouragement, motivation, optimism, and tips for readers and writers. You might find as I have, The Bee is a nice place “to be” calm and still for a few treasured moments, as you ponder the good things in life.

And fun too. For instance a fews days ago The Bee’s Rebel Mouse featured lots of pics of “dog shaming.” I laughed so hard, I had to give up on writing for the rest of the day.

So, yes, Ms. Halton, I’ll give you 5-Stars of Candi for your delicious social “honey” you share with your followers and readers. And thanks for the “buzz.” Who would’ve thought one could pack a blog with so many delightful desserts! Congratulations!

Bee Halton’s Website

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