A teasing tempting ride you won’t forget!

Reed James has slammed home another winner with My Test-Drive Lover. And he does it with highly-sexed protagonist, Aurora, who is working in a high-priced auto dealership. The manager is putting the pressure on her to close more deals, sell more cars.

Aurora is okay with that in theory, but her idea of closing a deal and making that happen is completely different; much more creative and filled with seductive techniques that aren’t taught in advertising and marketing classes.secucingwomencover2rom

The author revs up My Test-Drive Lover with the highly charged libido of lovable Aurora, who has no limits or inhibitions when a customer, or his Significant Other, is in her hands, literally.

Without giving this story away, let’s just say when Reed James fills his ink pen, things tend to go a bit wild, especially if Aurora is working the story. And in My Test-Drive Lover, Aurora fine-tunes everything, leaving nothing unattended, before bringing the deal of the day to a screaming climax, or close.

Either way, Aurora knows how to make it thrilling. Just remember, if you take a test-drive with Aurora, expect exciting curves as the two of you probe the deep possibilities of a high-performance, up-and-down riding experience. You’ll be impressed with how everything handles and feels, especially when that hot little engine peaks. And the pleasure of doing business and cutting deals with Aurora is worth the price. Her performance alone will keep you coming…back for another deal.

A Five-Star review for My Test-Drive Lover!
And Mr. James, please let us know where Aurora is working next; she’s a delight!

Reed James’s Amazon Page

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