7 Tricks, Treats, Temptations Blog Party

Come on in; you’re at the right place.

We’re just “Smashin’ pumpkins, screamin’ pleasures.” Let’s get freaked up for Halloween!

JackOlantern129db293-ef67-4aec-bac5-42548e864ea7_155x114wicked ladyHalloween is such a naughty holiday. So a few of my author friends and I thought it would be a devilish thing to surprise readers with 7 Tricks, Treats, and Temptations about our writing. You’ll get a mixture of fun, tantalizing, and scary stuff about characters, plots, suspense, twists and turns, hoping to freak you out a bit.

Enjoy my treat bag of 7 fun things, then party over to my list of fun and entertaining authors at the bottom. Don’t be surprised if they scare the covers off your books, before they treat you. Boo!!

7 Tricks, Treats, Temptations – Candi Silk

1. Kara was shocked at the boldness of Jonah, and the unique way he chose to get her female attention in TASTE ME. “Oh, so naughty, but she loved it!”

2. HOT COUPLE and SWAP ME unleash a steamy topic, but one adults continue to be intrigued by. “Inhibitions are not to be found. Libidos are on the loose. Oh my!”sexy witch

3. What could possibly have caused the naughty reversal of a settled, reserved married woman in LUST DRIVEN? “Oh my, Marla decided to breakout, and with two men. Too naughty even for Halloween!”

4. THRILL DRIVEN is the night three luscious women brought the house down. “And did some of the dirtiest dancing, and naughtiest stuff imaginable. Uh huh, but enjoyed it all, and more! Their treats await you too!”3 witches

5. Destiny James doesn’t know it, but someone is looking for her in FIND ME. Experience her excitement, suspense, and thrills. “Oh, yes, especially those thrills without boundaries or limits. OMG reckless!”

6. The NIGHT ROGUE puts Christian Grey to shame, and Victoria loves everything the NIGHT ROGUE wants to do to her. “But oh, the excitement he instills in her in their dark encounters!”

7. You can count on erotica escapades from Candi Silk being descriptive, edgy,Party explicit, and filled with sensuous excitement that will make you think it’s Halloween all year. “Uh huh, freakin’ books full of treats!”

(Six Candi Silk titles are Amazon KindleUnlimited; that’s an extra bonus for readers!) Candi’s Amazon Author Page

Continue your howling hop over to the following creative writers. They’ll show you more bewitching stuff, posts, book info, interviews, but be warned they all have reputations for reads that’ll “trick, treat, and tempt” you. Enjoy!

Michael W. Smart – mystery, suspense, thrillers
Robyn Roze – romantic suspense
Maggie James – psychological thriller
Elle Klass – women’s fiction, paranormal
Christie St Claire – erotica
Jerry Byrum – contemporary romance
Reed James – erotica

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