Football Widows of the world unite!

Yes, ladies, it’s that time of the year when spouses and SOs (significant others) huddle in front of the TV and lust after football, during the next five months. The NFL (National Football League) virtually takes over your home as ESPN streams 24/7 everything about football and other sports. But there is a solution: Candi Silk’s erotica.

While football players kick and scream in pain over a tiny football, Candi Silk’s naughty characters kick and scream in pleasure over their BIG orgasm. While hubby and friends debate deflategate, knowing wives and partners are settled that a deflated libido in the bedroom is unacceptable. Listen up, guys, the same goes for deflated, flaccid or flat strategic body parts. Shape up if you want to “play.”

While husbands gather at work discussing the merits of sufficient air in the lowly pigskin, smart women already know the merits of breathless orgasms. While husbands are incensed over unjust rulings on the field, smart wives know the more rules broken in the bedroom the more naughty fun they have.

So, while husbands, spouses, and SOs, as mere spectators, agonize over a game, Candi Silk’s naughty characters get down and dirty with each other as real players. Recklessness is their rule book, stripped inhibitions and clothes is their regulation uniform, illicit body contact is the essence of their game, and swapping players is eagerly encouraged. And OT (overtime) doesn’t end until sunrise. Game on!

While spouses do their thing with a football, you can do your thing with Candi Silk’s erotica and her naughty characters. During football** season 2015, when the Carolina Panthers (my favorite team) win a game, I’ll drop the price of one of my books to $0.99 for the following week. While the hubby or spouse is fingering the remote, you can…well you know what you can do when reading one of my explicit erotic escapades.

Keep watch on my Amazon Author Page each week for 99-cent specials! You’ll score big! Enjoy! Amazon US   Amazon UK

**Football is an inflatable toy. Hmm…could it be a gateway to other inflatable toys? Suppose the next toy hubby wants is an inflatable doll? Then what? I’m just saying…!

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