The Naughty Wife Collection

NaughtyWife 1 01162016NaughtyWife 2 01162016NaughtyWife 3 01162016Annie Robinson is an ordinary thirty-nine year-old married woman with two wonderful children, a lovable family cat, and dog, and an adorable husband. She has a good job with an excellent company. Everything is good. Mrs. Robinson was the good wife. But that’s before she became The Naughty Wife. You see, she realized she was fast approaching forty. Although she was no where near the change of life, she wanted some changes in life. In an unexpected moment of sharing her deepest fantasies with her husband, they discover the door that led to the unleashing of dormant and untamed desires. And the rest is sizzle!

Now you can enjoy the complete series of The Naughty Wife: three volumes and over 400 pages later you’ll discover how the good wife became the naughty wife.

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Save 45% on the Erotic Box Set!

Expect explicit erotic entertainment. Oh yes!

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