About Candi Silk

dreamstime_m_3887232 Red lace lust pearlsI’m glad you stopped by! Fill your glass, slip off your panties, but hang on to your pearls. A woman needs a little something to cover her naughty innocence. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for some blazing fun erotica.

Instead of writing a long description about bio-stuff, I’d rather spend time writing another delicious and steamy erotic story for you. Well…someone has to do it. Surely you don’t mind?

Bio’s can be so boring, so retro, and so outdated, and does anyone really read them? Okay, so a little background; a couple of college degrees, lots of working, doing laundry, planting flowers, loving my family, and other stuff just like you and your friends. I Love to read when not writing another erotic escapade. I enjoy a good cup of coffee, like pineapple upside-down cake, and anything with cranberries in it. Simple pleasures are just fine with me.

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You’ll learn more about me by reading my explicitly and sensuously written books than you will from any bio-info. And you’ll get other delicious “tastes” of me if you follow me on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and of course my blog, A Taste of Candi. Oooh, A Taste of Candi? Sounds wicked; naughty at least. Oh, yes!

So check out the scorching erotic escapades I’ve written for you. My current titles are listed under Candi’s Books tab. In the meantime, I’ll be working on the next extraordinary erotic escapade. Whew! Things get rather hot in my writing studio!

You can stay caught up on all the details of the naughty happenings in my studio by subscribing to my newsletter, Candi Silk’s Rebel Reader. It’ll be brief and you’ll receive it only when I have a new erotica release or other inside information for subscribers, but usually no more than one email newsletter per month, probably less. I don’t like a lot of clutter or spam in my emails either. I DO NOT spam and I will not share you email! I look forward to you joining with me. Just click FREE, and I’ll add your name to my growing list of the “best rebel readers in the world.”

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