Five-Star Authors

(Posted alphabetically by the author’s last name and followed by their books that have given me 5-Star entertainment. This list is my private collection of authors I have enjoyed reading. They’re self-published and write with the fresh voice of independence, and that I admire. So, check them out at their author page. They might become your favorites also.)

Evan AsherThe Profiteer, (contemporary romance), posted July 10, 2014. Asher’s author page.

Taylor Evan FulksMy Prison Without Bars, (family dysfunction), posted June 20, 2014. Fulks’s author page

Gerald Greene – Collateral Damage, (military thriller), posted June 13, 2014. Greene’s author page

Bee HaltonThe Bee Writes, (blog, poetry), posted August 8, 2014. Halton’s Blog

R. Grey Hoover Kicker, (history, military), posted August 1, 2014. Hoover’s author page.

Maggie JamesGuilty Innocence, (psychological suspense thriller), posted August 14, 2014 James’s author page.

Reed James The Girl at the Bar, (erotica), posted July 18, 2014. James’s author page.

Elle KlassAs Snow Falls, (women’s fiction), posted July 25, 2014. Klass’s author page.

Karena MarieThe Happy Spinster, (erotica), posted June 27, 2014. Marie’s author page.

Robyn RozeKeeper, (romantic suspense), posted June 6, 2014. Robyn Roze’s website.

NC SimmonsWild Wild Wives, (erotica), posted September 18, 2014. Simmons’s author page.

Michael W. Smart – Deadeye, (mystery suspense thriller), posted August 29, 2014, Smart’s author page.

John TuckerSplits in the Skin, (drama, mystery, thriller), posted July 4, 2014. Tucker’s author page.

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