Suspense on the run!

Elle Klass doesn’t waste any time creating challenges for her characters, and surrounding her readers with suspense. After confronting her main character, Cleo, with survival on the streets as a 12 year-old in Baby Girl 1, Klass turns the heat up in Baby Girl 2. Cleo, now a fully blossoming adult woman, is faced with mounting trauma and tragedy, plus some unknowns from her past she didn’t count on.41ONZaNXByL._SS300_

Luckily, out of hardships on the streets, she formed some rare friendships that will get tested for their lasting quality. As unknown threats close in, she is forced from the protective shadows of street life to find safety in another country, France. More unknowns for Cleo to cope with, calling upon her innovative skills in re-making her image. She is no longer Cleo, but now Justine Holmes.

New name, new stunning look, but still dogged by the shadows of her past even though a new happenstance meeting was about to thrust her into the full light of day. Into a world of fame and fortune, taking her to social heights she could have never imagined, bringing her to the blissful threshold of romance and love, until the shadows of the unknown gather once again into threatening storm clouds.

Now forced to run again, fearful of her past and also her growing unease at her own identity, Justine Holmes is riding in a taxi through the dark of night, heading for the airport, ticketed on a flight to the City by the Bay. A destination that’s bound to hold more unknown suspense for a woman on the run.

Author Elle Klass has succeeded in taking an obscure character from the lower layers of the socioeconomic fabric of society, and spinning an exciting story of adventure. And the adventure promises to continue with Baby Girl 3 – City by the Bay.
Five stars for Elle Klass and Baby Girl 2 – Moonlighting in Paris!

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Five-Star, Heart-throbbing romantic suspense!

Having read Keeper, and Keep Her, by author Robyn Roze, I feel suspended as if nearing the top or crest of a reckless roller coaster. And I’ve come to believe that’s exactly where Roze intends to take her readers, to the edge of anticipation.51qsQinmLRL._AA160_

Keep Her is the second novel in her Keeper Trilogy. Roze packs Keep Her with additional heat as the triangle of main characters, Olivia, Jake, and Nick clutch and claw, trying to guard their intensifying emotional agendas. The author is skillful in keeping the tension tight with conflicting deep-seated desires.

As if that isn’t enough, Roze allows the refreshing new adult and college phase of the characters to be shadowed and challenged by the past that refuses to yield to the present or future. Throw in Roze’s talented approach to unleashing sensuous intimacies, and Keep Her becomes a sizzling brew of hormone-filled entertaining reading.

And the reader is stretched between the blissful allure of romance, and the thrilling draw of risky suspense that seems to breed on its own page after page. It’s the perfect combination of romantic suspense, edgy and seductive.

Keep Her took me to the crest of Roze’s reading roller coaster, as I read the last sentence in the novel. A clincher! I knew then I was hooked on the magnetism of Roze’s writing style and the pulsing storyline, and my Kindle is happy that I downloaded Find Her Free Her, the final book of the Keeper Trilogy. I know I’m in for a daring and entertaining evening on a reading roller coaster that has no limits.

There is no doubt where author Robyn Roze fits on my reading shelf. I’ve decided to Keep Her as a top-shelf favorite, now that I’ve found her!

Keep Her is Five-Star entertainment! So keep your ink pen filled, Ms. Roze, your readers are hooked!

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A Five-Star Heart Clenching Read!

Baby Girl – In The Beginning, is the first in a series, and the author, Elle Klass wastes no time thrusting the reader into the spellbinding story. The setting is one that most will never experience, and one that no one wants to experience. Don’t let the title, Baby Girl, fool you. This is a thrilling young, and new adult read, one fully loaded with the burly experiences of life.516UA+t8Z+L._AA160_

Cleo, abandoned by her mother, is faced with the most primitive level of survival, unless she learns quickly. But at the young age of 12? Extremely challenging, not to mention 24/7 threatening events from every quarter.

Klass does a splendid job balancing the oncoming challenges of street life with the growing resilience of Cleo as she quickly realizes her survival depends upon rapid learning and knowing. On the run in the shadows of society, and deprived of the benefits of public education, Cleo must create her own system of learning, if she is to pass or fail the real tests of survival on her own. And Cleo’s learning goes beyond the confines of a textbook or the bureaucratic bounds of organized schooling.

Baby Girl – In The Beginning has a storyline that becomes believable as Klass paints the unfolding events page by page for the reader. Her characters quickly came to life and as a reader I began to embrace each one. The author has a knack for hooking lots of emotion between the pages to keep readers wondering where things are headed for the story and characters.

Having read As Snow Falls, another novel by Klass, I’m not surprised that she knows how to keep readers entertained as her stories unfold. Baby Girl 1 left me wanting to know the full outcome of Cleo’s drive to survive. My Kindle is loaded, waiting for me to continue the series, and Cleo’s suspenseful journey.

Five-Stars for Baby Girl 1, and the fine job author Elle Klass did writing a highly adventurous read! Keep us entertained Ms. Klass!

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A teasing tempting ride you won’t forget!

Reed James has slammed home another winner with My Test-Drive Lover. And he does it with highly-sexed protagonist, Aurora, who is working in a high-priced auto dealership. The manager is putting the pressure on her to close more deals, sell more cars.

Aurora is okay with that in theory, but her idea of closing a deal and making that happen is completely different; much more creative and filled with seductive techniques that aren’t taught in advertising and marketing classes.secucingwomencover2rom

The author revs up My Test-Drive Lover with the highly charged libido of lovable Aurora, who has no limits or inhibitions when a customer, or his Significant Other, is in her hands, literally.

Without giving this story away, let’s just say when Reed James fills his ink pen, things tend to go a bit wild, especially if Aurora is working the story. And in My Test-Drive Lover, Aurora fine-tunes everything, leaving nothing unattended, before bringing the deal of the day to a screaming climax, or close.

Either way, Aurora knows how to make it thrilling. Just remember, if you take a test-drive with Aurora, expect exciting curves as the two of you probe the deep possibilities of a high-performance, up-and-down riding experience. You’ll be impressed with how everything handles and feels, especially when that hot little engine peaks. And the pleasure of doing business and cutting deals with Aurora is worth the price. Her performance alone will keep you coming…back for another deal.

A Five-Star review for My Test-Drive Lover!
And Mr. James, please let us know where Aurora is working next; she’s a delight!

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Michael W. Smart – Five-Star Author

An addictive suspense-filled mystery!

Deadeye by Michael W. Smart is a clear cut mystery led by a strong woman sleuth, and loaded with escalating suspense. Deadeye is “smart” writing filled with excellent narration, meaningful dialogue, and a delightful and detailed setting to carry the fast-moving plot.

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But just as the reader is lulled into thinking things are going to get cozy and comfortable in the laid-back Caribbean setting, the tentacles of mystery reach through, pulling you deeper into international intrigue as a couple of seemingly isolated crimes lead to the major involvement of parties in high places, rattling alliances and allegiances along the way.
Smart demonstrates his writing talent through well-crafted characters immersed in maturity and plenty of mystery. Characters whose lives are tossed about in the stormy sea of humanity and human behavior. For instance, the mysterious unknowns of Nicholas Gage speak as loudly as the knowns. There is a hidden mystique about him. No wonder the female protagonist, Jo or JJ, has such a burning desire for him. Their intimate relationship is delicately balanced with fervor and class, by the author. Superintendent Johanssen of the CID, affectionately JJ, and Gage’s relationship is mature and reliable as the seas they sail.

Michael Smart
The reader will find a bit of humor along the way but nothing silly, just good sharp wit. If you’ve never visited the Caribbean Islands or the Grenadines, don’t worry. After reading Deadeye, you’ll feel like you’ve been there. Smart is that good in painting and flavoring the setting and story with his selected word choice. The author even includes a couple of maps in the front of his book. That sure beats looking for the proverbial landmarks such as the weathered barn or the creaking wharf in finding your way through Deadeye.

Overall Deadeye gives the reader the feeling of being immersed in a realistic, grownup world, but surrounded by this impending spine-chilling mystery that won’t go away until solved.
Deadeye has earned its place on my bookshelf, and stands tall among the Chandlers, MacDonalds, Flemings, and others. It’s no mystery to me how easily Michael W. Smart’s Deadeye gets a Five Star review from me. A terrific read, Mr. Smart!

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Maggie James – Five-Star Author

A riveting psychological suspense thriller!

If you’ve ever tried to separate the variety of flavors swirling together in a fully-loaded ice cream sundae, dripping with succulent tastes, you know the impossibility. Well, Maggie James does something equally impossible with Guilty Innocence, her psychological suspense, in which she separates an intricate mosaic of the human psyche. And she succeeds.

James serves the reader a shocking event in the first few pages of her novel. But rather than leave you with a simplistic journalistic version, she meticulously peels off the layers of complex psychological connections between and among the characters. The author gives the reader plenty of time to know the full dimensions of her intriguing characters.

Guilty Innocence 2686223

The story of Guilty Innocence slowly wraps the characters in a web of emotion and deliberation that catches the reader off guard. Keeping the reader guessing is a hallmark of Maggie James as she comfortably exposes her story, while stripping the psychological cover-ups from the souls of her characters. Yes, you’ll see everything, up close, as if sitting in the jury box of a courtroom.

Be prepared to find yourself in a dilemma, as you deliberate the deeper meaning of Guilty Innocence. The author gives the reader all the pieces, but as judge and jury you’ll still be pondering the “what ifs” long after you turn the last page. That’s what I enjoy about Maggie James’s books, her stories continue to resonate.

With that in mind, as a reader, I’m “guilty” of enjoying Guilty Innocence, but I innocently award it Five Gold Stars. Another splendid piece of writing, Ms. James!

Maggie James’s Author Page.

Bee Halton – Five-Star Author

A sweet-spot in cyberspace!

You’ll have to read the “about” tab on Bee Halton’s blog, The Bee Writes, to get the full explanation of her name. Interesting and delightful! Look for the Happy Bee, buzzing about, collecting all kinds of social pollen to make into some tasty reading and viewing. The Bee Writes is a world away from chaos, and you’ll welcome the calming buzz of The Bee.


Well, yes, there is always nature’s drama in The Bee’s blog. I think of it as a social flower garden. Social blooms and blossoms of reading and writing flirting with the sun, wind, and rain. Baskets of thoughts to tease your imagination. Plenty of summer’s sweltering heat, and lots of drenching after effects as well. But Bee’s writings tend to be on the upside of things about life.

And to top it off, Bee Halton does her share of poetry, all very thoughtful and uplifting. Most of Ms. Halton’s poetry is unbound in a book, and is shared frequently on her blog. Her creative verse is filled with HEAs. She is an active member of the talented Authors Social Media Support Group.

Her social media sites flourish with encouragement, motivation, optimism, and tips for readers and writers. You might find as I have, The Bee is a nice place “to be” calm and still for a few treasured moments, as you ponder the good things in life.

And fun too. For instance a fews days ago The Bee’s Rebel Mouse featured lots of pics of “dog shaming.” I laughed so hard, I had to give up on writing for the rest of the day.

So, yes, Ms. Halton, I’ll give you 5-Stars of Candi for your delicious social “honey” you share with your followers and readers. And thanks for the “buzz.” Who would’ve thought one could pack a blog with so many delightful desserts! Congratulations!

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