Naughty Vixens

NaughtyClients05192016Naughty Vixens 10182015NaughtyBusiness 12232015 ATwo ordinary wives, former college roommates and now current neighbors, were enjoying an afternoon of relaxation by the swimming pool. Struck by a deep-seated sensuous impulse from years ago, they were soon on a mission to satisfy sexual desires from the past, and start a high-risk and Naughty Business. Once they kick-started their naughty venture, they discovered a sizzling combination of aroused staff and Naughty Clients.

Driven in part by two husbands guilty of bedroom neglect, and fueled by their own wanton needs, Betty and Rita charted a wild path of sensuous satisfaction. Enjoy the breathless behavior of reckless characters as Betty and Rita discover challenges and surprises along the way!

Unwrap the blazing erotic escapades of the three-volume Naughty Vixens Collection.

Expect explicit erotic entertainment. Oh yes!

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