Oh, Mrs. Robinson, you didn’t?!


“Oh, yes I did, and now you can read the naughty details!”
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Annie Robinson was an ordinary woman, wife, mother, business executive, and could easily be your neighbor next door. But one morning she felt ordinary wasn’t working for her any longer. And then there was the reality of soon turning the big four-oh, 40, fast approaching on a runaway calendar. She was no where near the change of life for a woman, but she knew she wanted a change in life. She made a small decision; something shifted; desires swirled, passions sparked.

TNW-04202015xyzBut she wasn’t sure what to do with her restless feelings until a few risky events collided and her long-hidden inhibited desires and fantasies unwound, igniting fires of uncontrolled passions, needs and wants. Fantasies of romantic erotica she’d never had before: Did she want to be a cheating wife? If her husband watched her with another man, could they face each other? Or would it fuel their sexual fantasies to wife watch and wife share? Just how far were they willing to go?

After reading The Naughty Wife, husbands and wives will never view each other as ordinary again. Blazing heat at full-throttle! High-octane romantic erotica. Enjoy

Interview with Robyn Roze – Romantic Women’s Fiction


Highly popular romantic women’s fiction author Robyn Roze is our guest on Author CenterStage for a round of questions on her writing experience. Robyn’s published novels are: Keeper, Keep Her, Find Her-Free Her, and Chain of Title. And HellKat is on the way! All are full-length, stand-alone romance novels that have kept readers up all night! The Keeper series is a trilogy that runs more than 500 pages.

Candi Silk: Robyn, thanks for joining us and answering lots of questions!

Robyn Roze, Author

Robyn Roze, Author

Robyn Roze: Thank you for having me, Candi. I’m thrilled to be here.

Candi: I’ve gathered some frequently asked questions from readers to share with you. So, let’s begin with one of the key questions: How did you arrive one day with pen, ink and paper in your hands as you began your first novel, Keeper? What tipped the balance scales of your motivation to write the first word, the first page?

Robyn: I suppose you could call it a midlife impetus. I had quite the imagination as a girl and teachers encouraged me to pursue writing as a career. However, practicality ruled the day. After a while, the scenes and dialogue that swirled in my head grew loud enough I decided to quiet them. I sat down at my laptop one day and the Keeper Series was born. I’m so thankful for technology! If I had to rely on pen, ink, and paper, I’d probably still be working on that series!

Candi: I totally agree with the wonders of technology. How old were you when you first noticed your desire to put words on paper to tell a story? What were early influencers, books, events, people?

Robyn: I’d say the writing seed sprouted in grade school and then bloomed in middle school. As a girl, I loved writers like Barbara Taylor Bradford, Sidney Sheldon, and Agatha Christie.

Candi: Three of your titles comprise the Keeper Series, which is listed as new adult romance. How would you describe new adult? What led you to debut your writing into that arena? I was particularly struck by the intensity of conflict you subjected your characters to. Care to elaborate on why you showed them no mercy?

Robyn: I describe new adult as people in their early twenties just getting a taste of the world—sans parents. It’s an exciting time of self-discovery and navigating through a world that loves to label and categorize us.

I started my writing journey with the Keeper Series because those characters were the loudest in my head. Whole scenes played on a loop in my mind at times and I built the story around those pieces, much like putting a puzzle together—without benefit of the finished picture from which to draw.eUVUDL4LGwTo1

There is a lot of conflict in the Keeper Series and no one is spared, but that’s life. The main character, Olivia, has had a tough start in the world and she still has a hard road ahead of her when the reader first meets her. But with her own perseverance and the love of people around her, she makes her way out of the darkness.

Candi: One of the most popular fiction genres today is the romance. What are the ingredients or elements that turn a plain vanilla romance into a romance suspense, with a generous dash of eroticism?

Robyn: I describe my stories as romantic women’s fiction, and I borrow elements from the suspense and thriller genres to spice things up. Romantic suspense typically includes some mysterious event and/or questionable people that cause difficulties between the romantic leads. This usually runs parallel to the romance element and causes the reader concern as to what is coming next for the couple to whom they’ve become attached. There can be a romantic villain, a killer on the loose, a treacherous adventure, or any other number of circumstances that threaten the longevity of the romantic interests central to the story.

Candi: You have demonstrated a fine talent in utilizing those story elements! What is a typical writing day like for you? When does it begin and end? And do you use a lot of expensive equipment or materials in writing your novels? Can you write with background noise or do you prefer quiet?


Available Spring 2015

Robyn: My writing day all depends on where I’m at in a particular project. For example, I’m currently working on edits and rewrites for my upcoming release HellKat. I’m taking my time with that process. Editor feedback can be tough, knowing how far to take their recommendations and how to reconcile those suggestions with beta readers’ comments can be dizzying. However, I received the best writing advice from another author about this dilemma: “Remember you’re writing for readers, not editors.” That freed me from my inability to move forward.

I am also mentally switching gears to my next project which will be a sequel to my best-selling novel Chain of Title. I’ve begun the difficult process of breaking away from my characters in HellKat by creating a new playlist for the characters in my Chain of Title sequel. I listen to music when I’m writing and when I just want to get my head into a particular scene or mood, like I am now.

Candi: A popular question for authors is: Have you experienced writer’s block, and how do you deal with it or prevent it?

Robyn: Yes, I’ve experienced writer’s block. I do a variety of things to remedy it. Sometimes I simply put the story away for a while, or other times I re-read from the beginning what I’ve already written. This helps me rebuild the momentum to continue forward with the story and pick a fork in the road.

Candi: To what extent do your story characters shape your novels? What do they add? Isn’t it enough to just tell the story sort of like a newspaper article? (Jack and Jill met. Jack and Jill got married.) You know, just the facts? What distinctions do characters bring to a story? And what do you think readers are looking for in characters?

Robyn: A news story provides facts, not emotions. Readers want characters with whom they can identify and they want to be immersed in the feelings of the story. Each character in a story should have his/her own personality, just like in the real world. When a writer does a good job of character development, the reader will come to know and thereby understand the actions/reactions of a given character, even when the reader doesn’t agree with a choice made by a character in the story. Causing a reader to feel compassion for a character who would otherwise be reported as only a monster in the news is not an easy task. And when an author discovers they’ve succeeded on that front it’s incredibly rewarding.

Candi: How do you conceptualize/layout the plan or your approach of the plot for a novel you’re about to write? What’s the time sequence like? Is it finished over a cup of coffee or over a period of days or weeks? And what are the particular challenges of the process of solidifying and nailing down the plot? What challenges does an author face when doing research in writing the book?

Robyn: My process is organic. I have a general idea in my head, but I don’t know where it’s really going to end up until I immerse myself in the story and allow my characters to take the lead. My process is slow, because I a let scenes simmer in my head while I consider the effects of all the possible choices the characters could make. It’s like a chess game to some extent; each move has an effect on the opponent and ultimately how the match ends.

Candi: How long does it take you to write and publish a book, from start to finish? It must be easy and simple with all the advanced technology available today. Are there any major ups and downs during that process?

Robyn: Technology makes writing and revision much easier; however, an author still has to create a compelling story. And technology doesn’t make that part of the process any easier. The big advantage today is the ease with which an author can self-publish. I tend to work slowly. I have a job and a family, and I write whenever I can, but I cannot publish four or five books a year. I’m not sure I could do that even if I could devote all of my time to writing. But once I am ready to publish a book that is the by far the easiest part of the entire process.eUVUDL4LGwTo1

Candi: Your commitment to the writing craft in the midst of real everyday living is inspiring. But I hear you saying writing and publishing are not automatic and 100% easy. So, what advice do you have for a person, let’s say my neighbor down the street, who says she wants to write a book? She’s got this great idea for a bestseller novel. Should she enroll in the nearest college writing class, buy 10 books on writing, or what?

Robyn: Some of my favorite authors never took a writing course and yet they have large, enthusiastic fan bases. Why? Because they have readers who love their storytelling style. Readers don’t know or care if you’ve taken writing courses. They’re looking for an escape and seldom ticking off what you’ve done right or wrong on some writing checklist. Readers know what they like when they read it. It’s really that simple. I would advise your neighbor to write her story, her way.

Candi: Great advice. Okay, time for a challenge question: You’ve just been notified that you’ll be teaching a university course entitled: Writing Your First Romance Suspense. What 3-4 points or pillars would you consider essential to the course?

1. Develop flawed romantic leads your readers will root for.
2. Create conflict that tests the heroine and hero.
3. Show how the conflict ultimately strengthens the h/H relationship.
4. End on a note of resolution or leave the reader ready for more.

Candi: What are the biggest challenges facing new writers today?

Robyn: One of the biggest challenges for a writer is to find her readers. Presumably a writer publishes because she wants others to enjoy her story. Unfortunately, clicking ‘publish’ on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any other site does not ensure readership. The cliché build it and they will come is great in movies but not practical in reality. The biggest surprise to a new writer might very well be how much time she will need to spend networking and promoting her books and brand. Time most of us would rather spend developing intriguing characters and great stories.

Candi: It’s been reported that Amazon has over ten million titles (books) listed on their website. (They probably inventory Fred Flintstone’s diary carved in stone.) What are the challenges for readers in selecting “goodreads” from that many choices? What’s your best advice for readers on how to choose an entertaining/interesting book?

Robyn: A friend’s recommendation is always a great place to start. Also type in keywords or do a search for similar authors/stories that you already enjoy. You should always take advantage of the free sample most online retailers’ offer so that you can get a flavor for the writing style and pacing of the story.

Candi: Isn’t it enough for a writer to simply have all the facts for her story and just write it and publish, or to what extent does the writer’s imagination play a part in crafting a page-turning novel?

Robyn: Imagination is what makes for a compelling story, and writing style is what determines how the story is told. Otherwise, you have nothing more than a sterile news story stating only facts. In any art form, imagination is at the core, and the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Candi: From what I gather, many years ago (think post early printing presses) authors and readers rarely connected or communicated. A reader was lucky to just read the written book. But today the Internet is one huge gathering place where authors and readers can communicate freely. How do you feel about those dynamics and how do both authors and readers benefit from that kind of environment? How do you enjoy making and keeping in contact with your readers?

Robyn: I love being able to connect with my readers. I have a street team that’s been built with happy readers who want to spread the word about my books—it doesn’t get any better than that. Their support and encouragement is invaluable. Plus, I selected some of them as beta readers for my upcoming release HellKat. I’ve also had readers connect with me through my website and Facebook to tell me how much they liked a story and to find out what I’m working on next. I also have a growing email list for those who want updates directly to their inboxes about release dates, giveaways, sales and more. I love today’s technology. I think it’s wonderful for both authors and readers.

Candi: What are the advantages of the Kindle, Nook, and other e-reader devices? Isn’t there something to be said about a real paper and ink book in hand as one sits by the fireside of home and reads?

Robyn: I can’t remember the last time I bought a ‘real’ book to read. I love my Kindle. However, I just recently received the proof copy for my Chain of Title paperback. There is something very satisfying about holding it in my hands, thumbing through the pages, and inhaling that book smell.

Candi: And I noticed that Chain of Title is now available in paperback for everyone. You published the Keeper Series in the new adult romance genre. What about Chain of Title? What prompted you to enter into the mature romance genre? How about putting a framework around mature romance? Your protagonist (Heroine), Shayna Chastain was a standout woman in Chain of Title. As I recall from page one, Shayna is shackled with a ton of baggage to deal with. What were the dynamics as you developed her on paper?

Robyn: First and foremost, I write the kind of stories I want to read, and I’d like to read more stories with mature women. I’m fifty and I know a whole lot of life is still ahead of me and a whole lot of life experience is behind me, pushing me forward. I want to read and write about more women like that, like me.Chair of Title 41LJWHjTKKL._UY250_

In Chain of Title, Shayna slowly unraveled her story to me. She didn’t give me everything at once and it became clear she had issues to work through—don’t we all? She’s experienced abandonment and loss early in her life which has colored the choices she made as a young woman. She has to figure out if she can work through the hurts and betrayals from her past and find the courage to forgive those who have wronged her.

Candi: Often when readers thoroughly enjoy a particular novel, they want those favorite characters to continue on in another book, and another. What are the challenges facing an author in further development of a character in additional books?

Robyn: I think the biggest challenge in a series or sequel is making the readers happy. If you’ve written a book that readers have told you they loved and they want more of, as my readers have told me about Chain of Title, the pressure to continue the story in a way that your readers will love just as much, or more than the first story, is huge. The bar has already been set incredibly high. I also feel an immense obligation to reward the people who’ve stuck by me, encouraged me, spread the word about my books, and have promoted me on social media. I do not want to let my readers and fans down.

Candi: What can readers look forward to from the pen of Robyn Roze in the next year?

Robyn: I’m currently refocusing my creativity on Shayna Montgomery and Sean Parker from my novel Chain of Title. I have a poll on my website that many readers have voted in, expressing concern over how Sean will get out of the jam he appears to be in at the end of the story. Stay tuned!

Candi: I know many readers are holding their breath, waiting for the imminent release of HellKat, and now that there’s the promise of a sequel to Chain of Title you’ve got us on the edge of our seats. Robyn, thank you for taking time to share your thoughts with us and giving us an inside look at your fascinating writing world. May writing success continue as your companion!

Robyn: Thank you for your interest and time, Candi. I wish you every writing success. I’ve enjoyed your breakout women and look forward to reading more of your delicious stories.

Candi: Thanks, Robyn. Now, here’s how you can experience the entertaining writing of Robyn Roze, author of romantic women’s fiction, with additional thrills:

Robyn’s Online Links: Quick and easy ways to find Robyn Roze and her books.

A Fresh Taste of Candi Silk

Since Halloween, we’ve eaten our way through different seasons of candy; Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, and now Easter. The shelves are loaded with pastel-colored Peeps. (I wonder, do Peeps tweet?) And soon we’ll be into red, white and blue cotton candy for Memorial Day and July 4th (here in America). Amazingly, candy finds its way into most of our seasons of celebration.


But books never go out of season. Every year millions of books are published in print and e-book formats. This means readers have tremendous and often overwhelming choices. But having a wealth of options isn’t a new occurrence. For most of the world, we see an abundance of choices on food menus, in clothing stores, car models, entertainment venues, and other areas where consumers gather.

People primarily read fiction for entertainment, enabling a reader to escape into a world of fictional characters. When one reads, the mind engages and becomes active along with the characters and story. Words do wonderful things by eliciting flashing images in the mind of the reader. Images that arouse the very essence of a reader’s experiences, feelings, and fantasies.

I write erotica, flavored with naughty characters as they embrace their sexuality. I write one “shade” of erotica: Mutual Pleasure. NEVER abusive. And I have given “select” words my special meanings. In each Erotic Escapade you’ll find a copy of Candi Silk’s Naughty Words. It’ll introduce you to my “style” of fun and enjoyable erotica. And I hope my explicit stories will bring you many entertaining images. “Oh, my yes-s-s!”

TASTE ME is full of sensuous flavor. It’s FREE when you subscribe to my newsletter!

So enjoy the fresh taste of Candi! Always in season and in good taste!

What makes a book exciting?

Winter is here. You’re all hunkered down. Your mind is in hibernation; hasn’t had an original thought since Noah built that speed boat ages ago, and put all of civilization in the cargo area. You’re already over-dosing on ball games, celebrity glut, and car ads. The TV remote has become an extra appendage to your hand. Even the games are beginning to blur; bounce the ball, kick the ball, throw the ball, steal the ball, play inside the boundaries. Is that dull or what?

Image Credit: tinlanhchicagodotorg

Image Credit: tinlanhchicago[dot]org

You know what makes a car race so exciting? It’s not the winner’s flag. Come on, a flag waving? No; it’s all the car crashes during the race. And no, it’s not the final scoreboard at the Super Bowl that gets you excited. It’s all that stomping and kicking that goes on during the game. But then again they play inside those boring boundary lines. Pristine white lines. Ahhh the innocence of football. Dull, huh?Thrill Driven CSilkjzhybx09222014

Each of us has a sense of “norm,” or normal, middle of the road. But that isn’t what makes things exciting or interesting, especially books. Books can take us places if the story characters step, or play outside the boundary lines. That intrigues us, whets our curiosity for the different. Think about it. Have you ever recommended a “mild” war, romance, or sci-fiction book to a friend? I haven’t either. When something goes beyond the mundane our attention is hooked. Books of that nature usually make it to your top-shelf of favorite reads.

Well…characters in my erotic escapades “play” also, and most play and “crash” outside the boundaries. Actually some of my characters play in the dirt and by the end of the book they’ve got more smudges on them than any MVP ever, but they’ve got bigger smiles on their faces. That’s because they unleashed their MVP (Most Vital Passions). And they get a bit naughty and reckless at times. Oh, yes! They’re playing with emotions and body parts, the hottest game on the planet!

There’s more naughty “play” in THRILL DRIVEN than you’ll find at the stadium or on the one-eyed TV screen. Kick your reading up a notch to classy, sassy, and smart fun.

Let the NIGHT ROGUE excite you for the winter holidays. NIGHT ROGUE has a holiday setting complete with snow, and hot sizzling passions that ignite the night. I think you’ll enjoy the erotic escapade.Night Rogue CSilkjxhybz02142014

You’ll have to agree that some of the most entertaining moments you ever had as a kid were when you played in the dirt; stomped in the mud. Yeah, I know, your mom jerked a knot in you afterwards, but I’ll let you work that out with her.

So toss the remote, excite your mind with some entertaining books.

Winter’s here; chill out with a Candi Silk hot read. Enjoy playing in the dirt, again! I promise not to tell your mother.

Here’s my Candi Silk Author Page.

A captivating, striking, and resonating thriller!

In The Second Captive, author Maggie James weaves an intriguing psychological thriller based upon the psychology of the Stockholm syndrome which was highlighted during a real event that took place in Stockholm, Sweden in August, 1973. However, James’s fine-tuned fingers of fiction tap out an absorbing account of much more than a rehash of a journalistic or historical rendition of a harrowing real life event. The author seems to have a fondness for taking the reader further than simple reality. And that she does with The Second Captive.TSC 23565397

James puts a modern day spin on her novel, and broadens it with deep layers of twisting suspense that ripple beyond the central character of Beth Sutton. The author cleverly coaxes the reader into a believable scenario of the “syndrome” becoming a harsh reality to an ordinary person. It is that possibility painted by the pen of James that puts the reader on the edge of one’s seat as well as the edge of reality. Scary, but that’s the rush that comes from anything James writes.

Protagonist Beth Sutton could easily be your family member, or even you, as you will discover when reading The Second Captive. James is masterful in crisscrossing the emotions and agendas of the protagonist, and antagonist, Dominic Perdue, as her novel proceeds. And Dominic wants something far beyond one’s imagination. What seems unthinkable and most unlikely, suddenly becomes all too real for all of James’s characters. And that alone peels back another layer of human relations, revealing the underlying fragility. James has a way of presenting her characters in full dimension, reflecting easily the connection between characters and reader. And that’s the point where a story becomes real, believable.

Maggie James, Author


My reviews never divulge story elements, but I’m more than glad to let potential readers know you won’t be disappointed with The Second Captive. James does not allow her story to drag, and neither does she fill it with fluff. Every chapter is saturated with substance. Her word choice, and plot pacing will keep your pulse pumping, as you pant and fret along with her characters, begging for some kind of resolution and relief. Proof again that the excitement James spreads with ink is felt within the emotions of readers. You don’t just read a book by Maggie James, you experience it, emotionally!

Rather than hold my gold stars captive another moment, I gladly award 5-Stars for The Second Captive! Keep writing winners for your readers, Ms. James!

Maggie James’s Amazon Author Page.

A tempting tangle of psychological thrills!

Psychological thriller fans will be in their comfort zone when reading Sister, Psychopath, a mind-stretching novel by author Maggie James.

Initially the author introduces the reader to some seemingly ordinary polite individuals. That lasts for a few pages, and then things become a little off-center. As James’s characters unleash their personal agendas driven by deep-seated motivations, the reader is very likely to hug the edge of their seat, maybe even gnaw a couple fingernails to the quick. Remember Sister, Psychopath is a psychological thriller. It’ll mess with your mind, and I loved it!

Maggie James

James has mastered the craft of developing stand-out characters, whether the likable heroines or the despised villains. The author has a way of letting her characters tell the story to the reader in such a way that the full force of those characters comes alive on the pages of her books. Her characters could easily be the reader’s next door neighbor or in the case of Sister, Psychopath, the characters could be the reader’s family members, or one of the characters could easily be the reader. Yes, you! But that’s the chilling backbone of a psychological thriller, realizing there are no boundaries when it comes to thoughts and motivations of the human being.

Sister, Psychopath is a perfect example of short-circuiting motivations that seem to be plentiful with James’s characters. No one has a corner on deceit, and no one has a monopoly on revenge. Neither does one individual have a lock on greed or scheming. But most important no one owns the process of rationalization which is rampant and rife in Maggie James’s novels. It’s that full-throttle quality that is an enjoyable hallmark of her books. Her characters generate maximum conflict and tension from their rationalizing, thus providing a harvest of psychological thrills for her readers.

When I finished Sister, Psychopath I was tempted to book an appointment with the therapist down the street, just to get my head straight. But I decided against that idea; thought I’d wait until I read Maggie James’s next psychological thriller, The Second Captive, according to James’s website. Then I’ll be ready for some serious mind-straightening therapy.

It only takes a little rationalization for me to give a Five-Star rating for Sister, Psychopath. A mind-bending read and hours of entertainment! I’ve cleared more space on my reading shelf for another Maggie James novel. Well done, Ms. James!

Maggie James’s Amazon Author Page.

5-Star Review: Chain of Title

An endless chain of explosive events and emotions from page one!

From the time Shayna Chastain signed on the dotted line, her comfortable life of twenty-five years took a seemingly legal subtle turn, then raced out of control like a careening ride on a runaway big rig without a brake, and with an endless, descending  mountain road ahead.

Robyn Roze, Author

Robyn Roze, Author

Are you breathless yet? You will be for the next 357 pages of Chain of Title. Author Robyn Roze has established her writing voice, one that fills her novels with realistic characters fully equipped with flaws, aspirations, wants, and needs. Character motivations that swirl in conflict as the plot simmers and thickens.

Chain of Title is quality work delivering a unique set of characters that are distinctly different, and yet find themselves meshed in a common gravitational pull on a collision course headed for an exciting cataclysmic ending. Emotionally explosive reading!

After the devastation backdrop on the first few pages, of particular interest to me as a reader, was the vibrant resilience of forty-eight-year-old Shayna Chastain, who now faces life on the other side of mid-life. Yes, Shayna is challenged by the calendar, but dormant embers of emotion are set aflame, blazing into a youthful romantic renaissance like she’d never thought possible. And one unknown man provided the spark. But another is determined to snuff it out. And now the chain of choices facing Shayna are loosened by the author, and the reader is at their mercy also. Chair of Title 41LJWHjTKKL._UY250_

Author Roze masters dialogue that makes a reader want to listen in on every conversation, even the most intimate ones. Roze deserves a gold pen for giving us honest to goodness adult conversations and interactions, reflecting adult inner thoughts of her mature characters. How refreshing that is in the sea of silliness and immaturity that surrounds much of our current day media choices!

I commend Robyn Roze for her masterful romantic suspense, Chain of Title. Now that you jerked our “chain,” Ms. Roze, we’re hooked on your novels, and linked to your writing. While you decide where you’re taking us next in your writing world, I’m happy to hook another Five Stars to your growing collection!

Robyn Roze’s Amazon Author Page.