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Highly popular mystery and romantic suspense thriller author Meb Bryant is our guest on Author CenterStage for a round of questions on her writing experience. Meb has published titles in mystery suspense and romantic suspense. Her fiction has entertained readers through many nights! Meb, thanks for joining us and answering questions!

Meb Bryant: Thank you, Candi, for the flattering introduction. I’m excited to share my writing experience with you and your readers on AuthorCenterStage. I wish I’d made the decision to become a writer much earlier.

Meb Bryant, Author

Meb Bryant, Author

Candi Silk: You’ve got plenty of company on “starting earlier.” I’ve gathered several frequently asked questions from readers to share with you. So, let’s begin with a couple of key questions: How did you arrive one day with pen, ink and paper in your hands as you began your first novel? What tipped the balance scales of your motivation to write the first word, the first page?

Meb: My dream of dreams from an early age was to become a writer, but I hid the idea in my heart and never shared it with anybody. After a hospital visit that ended with me in the intensive care unit, I decided to start marking items off my bucket list before it was too late. When my health returned, I sat my derriere in the chair and started typing.

Candi: So after that kick-start, what was your first novel, and what were the early challenges you faced in writing and publishing it? What were your feelings the day you published it?

Meb: My first novel, Harbinger of Evil, is set in 1963 New Orleans’ French Quarter. It’s about the murder of a wealthy businessman and the generational secrets that lead up to his death. Throw in hard drinking NYC Detective Richard Mobey, Alaskan oil, CIA operatives, the Mob, the JFK assassination, and add an erotic twist for a spicy literary gumbo.

Trust me, I’ve had several challenges, but the most difficult was learning to use a computer for something other than rudimentary functions. At the time, the learning curve almost broke my spirit, but I was determined.HarbingerOfEvil

The first time I held a printed book with my name on the cover I clutched it to my chest like a long lost friend. I think I cried. Creating a novel is like giving birth…without the anesthesia.

Candi: That’s a wonderful description of the agony and ecstasy of writing. How far back does your history go with books and reading? How old were you when you first noticed your desire to put words on paper to tell a story? What were early influencers, books, people?

Meb: I learned to read at an early age when Santa Claus brought me a record player and records with accompanying books. I would sing along and read the words. Many times during the writing process I wonder if I should’ve been an opera singer. My mother bought record player needles by the dozen.

Right after I learned to read, I decided to begin my writing career by carving MEB into my parents’ new furniture. Being an only child at the time, I was the primary suspect. After being interrogated for hours, I finally confessed to the crime with the stipulation that I not be spanked. They weren’t pleased with my first autograph but they sure bragged about it.

Candi: Ahh, now I understand how your crime scenes are written with the voice of experience. LOL! Currently you have 5 published titles listed on your Amazon Author Page. What are the details that led you to write and publish in the mystery suspense thriller and romantic suspense genres? Do you have a favorite genre?

Meb: I love to read in the mystery/suspense/thriller genre and appreciate a bit of sexual content thrown in for good measure. As a legal secretary, I typed almost a hundred words per minute. When I write fiction, my WPM slows down considerably, but when I write sex scenes, my fingers sail over the keys. Know what I mean, Candi?

Candi: Oh, yes; keys are permanently scorched! How many of your books are set in your home state of Texas, USA? Have you experienced any particular backlash from local citizens? (I’m thinking of Thomas Wolfe and his novel, Look Homeward Angel, that was set in his hometown, Asheville, North Carolina.) I’ve read your explosive Killing People. How does that novel figure with this question?

Meb: With the exception of Harbinger of Evil, all my works are set in Texas, particularly around Houston and The Woodlands. So far, thank goodness, nobody has complained about me bringing mayhem and death to their imaginary neighbors. Several readers have mentioned they identify with the locales I’ve written about and find it surreal when I know which direction the sun sets or what flowers are in bloom. Write what you know.

Candi: And readers are good at catching the smallest of details. One of the most popular fiction genres today is the thriller category. What are the ingredients or elements that turn a plain vanilla thriller into a mystery suspense or romantic suspense thriller?

Meb: I don’t usually write about blood and guts, but I do try to tap into a reader’s fear to produce a visceral reaction. For example, our society is vulnerable through our children, who are helpless and unable to defend themselves. When faced with that threat, the fear is palpable.SPELLING V_2

I’ve noticed that humans have a natural aversion to snakes and I like to tickle that terror. Several of my friends say they will not go into a dark bathroom after reading Harbinger of Evil.

Candi: No wonder Harbinger of Evil is so popular! What is a typical writing day like for you? When does it begin and end? And do you use a lot of expensive equipment or materials in writing your novels? Can you write with background noise or do you prefer quiet?

Meb: I don’t have a typical day of writing. Wish that I did. My husband and I have owned a small corporation for many years, and I work full-time at that job from my home. That said, I’m my own boss which means I can write all day if everything aligns. Though I like to write in my pajamas, our customers prefer that I dress. I can only write when my muse shows up and she’s a cranky old biddy who likes to play tennis.

I write on an HP computer with a large monitor for easier reading. With the exception of a ringing phone, I’m able to block out all noise, including a TV that sits a few feet from my desk.

Candi: Sounds like my kind of writing studio. A frequently asked question for authors is: What has been your experience with writer’s block, and how do you deal with it or prevent it?

Meb: I’ve lived in writer’s block my entire life and try not to panic when the creative juices get dehydrated. I’ve learned to accept my limitations, realizing I can write only when I’m in a creative mood. Of course, I’m more creative when my behind is at my desk and not on a tennis court, but I need the exercise to keep the muse happy. If the muse ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Candi: To what extent do your story characters shape your novels? What do they add? Isn’t it enough to just tell the story sort of like a newspaper article? You know, just lay the facts out? What distinctions do characters bring to a story?MONSTER SPRAY Amazon html_BC82CFAA_1

Meb: We’re told that stories are either character driven or plot driven. I find my stories are a hybrid since my characters drive the plot, especially the flawed characters. When you ask about the facts, I think of the old TV show Dragnet, “Just the facts, ma’am.” I believe ‘just the facts’ works for true crime, but not so much for genre fiction.

My characters drag their human frailties around like a ball and chain. It’s my job as the writer to set them free to succeed or fail. Bad guys don’t always do bad things and good guys don’t always do the right thing.

Candi: You just described the mosaic of humanity. How do you conceptualize or layout the plan or your approach to the plot for a novel you’re about to write? What’s the time sequence like? Is it scribbled on a napkin over a cup of coffee or over a period of days or weeks? And what are the particular challenges of the process of solidifying and nailing down the plot? What are the challenges facing an author when doing research for writing the book?

Meb: Writers fall into two categories: plotters or pantsers. Plotters plot a story from beginning to end before writing the first word. Pantsers fly by the seat of their pants and create as the muse unfolds. I once plotted an entire novel on a board with color-coded notes and pens. It’s a lovely piece of art, but I can’t find the creativity to finish the piece. I fear my muse took offense to the plotting concept. I’ll finish that piece when my muse goes on vacation.

After completion of a project, I move on to a new idea and imagine the story’s start and ending, like I’m watching a motion picture. Then, I set the muse free to help me connect the dots. I’m unable to remember creative thoughts when I’m away from my desk, and will write on anything so as not to lose an idea. I try to keep a pen and scratch pad in my purse, car, den and bedroom. After the ideas are typed on a Word document, I trash the bits and pieces of paper (and napkins).

When I read a book for entertainment, I also want to learn a few facts. I love to do research and share what I’ve learned with my reader, but find it challenging not to write an info dump. If you find that I have, please forgive me.

Candi: I believe you’ve had experience with writers’ groups. Is that something you would recommend to beginning writers and why?

Meb: Definitely. I’m a member of International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America and Romance Writers of America. Of the three, I think RWA provides an excellent source of information for the mature writer as well as the new writer. Even though I don’t write romance novels, I try to include a strong romantic element or sexual content in each story.

Candi: Your writing is seasoned just right! How long does it take you to write and publish a book, from start to finish? It must be easy and simple with all the advanced technology available today. Are there any major ups and downs during that process?

Meb: From the time I start writing a book to the day I publish is usually about a year, provided the muse cooperates and life doesn’t get in the way. Novellas and short stories are quicker. With today’s technology, there’s really no reason not to write a story if a writer has the talent.

For me, trying to land a literary agent was an exercise in futility and frustration. With the introduction of e-readers, sales of printed material has dropped drastically. I believe thirty-three percent of book sales are now electronic. Literary agents are feeling the pinch. Once I abandoned the querying process, I set my sites on starting my own publishing company and haven’t looked back, although I find discoverability a major challenge.

Candi: So you’re saying writing and publishing is not 100% easy. So, what advice do you have for a person, let’s say my neighbor down the street, who says she wants to write a book? She’s got this great idea for a bestselling novel. Should she enroll in the nearest college writing class, buy 10 books on writing, or what?

Meb: I don’t think I know the correct answer for anybody who wants to write a book. Just write the story. Research the Internet and read everything you can find on how to write, how to query, how to indie publish.Doubles-Match-022814_kindle

Personally, I feel writing is a God-given talent that needs constant exercise. No matter how long I stay in writing, I plan to continue sharpening my skills through workshops, reading material on writing, and attending conferences with knowledgeable speakers. Keep learning your craft.

Candi: Great advice! Okay, time for a challenge question: You’ve just been notified that you’ll be teaching a university course entitled: Writing Your First Romantic Suspense Thriller. What 3-4 points or pillars would you consider essential to the course?

Meb: Goal, motivation, conflict. The two love interests should have a goal, motivating factors, and conflicts hindering the success of this goal. Placing one or both parties in peril contributes to the novel’s suspense. A multi-layered antagonist intent on doing harm sharpens the suspense. It’s imperative that the story concludes with an HEA (Happily Ever After) ending.

Candi: Let me know where you’re teaching; I’ll register right away! You’ve pulled me in with the HEA. So, what are the biggest challenges facing new writers today? Sources vary, however it’s been reported that Amazon has over ten million titles (books) listed on their website.

Meb: Due to the volume of e-books on the market, I find the biggest challenge for writers, except for big name authors, is discoverability.

Candi: What are the challenges for readers in selecting “good reads” from that many choices? What’s your best advice for readers on how to choose an entertaining/interesting book?

Meb: When I’m looking for a good read, I rely on word of mouth or search the Kindle Store categories. When I find a book that looks interesting, I read a sample before purchasing.

Candi: That sample can be a determining factor. If you could start your writing career over what two or three things would you do differently and why?

Meb: If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have spent a year searching for an agent. I would have started a mailing list earlier.

Candi: That seems to be a frequent discovery and realization. Okay, isn’t it enough for a writer to simply have all the facts for her story and just write it and publish, or to what extent does the writer’s imagination play a part in crafting a page-turning novel?

Meb: A writer’s imagination is the source for the writer’s voice. Unique.

Candi: Some have said writing is not an end result, but a journey that never ends. Do you agree or disagree with that and why?

Meb: For me, writing is my way of leaving a footprint behind after I’m dead. A baring of my soul. When I finished my first novel, I handed the typed pages over to my grown daughter, an English major. She took the pages and promised to carefully read every word. Moments later, we were both surprised when I snatched the pages back. For some reason, I couldn’t bear to part with my work. We did this back and forth a few times until I finally felt comfortable giving my baby away.

Candi: Your writing has your fingerprints and impressions from your heart all over it! From what I gather, many years ago (think post early printing presses) authors and readers rarely connected or communicated. A reader was lucky to just read the written book. But today the Internet is one huge gathering place where authors and readers communicate freely. How do you feel about those dynamics and how do both authors and readers benefit from that kind of environment? How do you enjoy making and keeping in contact with your readers?

Meb: I draw energy from my readers’ enthusiasm. I’m always surprised when they discover something in my characters that I didn’t. I get excited when they love, or hate, the characters I’ve built with a blank page and a keyboard. I love my readers, especially the reader who takes the time and energy to write a review or send me an email.

Candi: What are the advantages of the Kindle, Nook, and other e-reader devices? Isn’t there something to be said about a real paper and ink book in hand as one sits by the fireside of home and reads?

Meb: I’ve been a reader a lot longer than a writer, and reading a paper book is a sensual act for me. I love the feel of the page, the smell of the ink, the sight of the words on the paper. That said, I can’t afford to purchase too many print books. I’m a voracious reader and appreciate the affordability of e-books. Cheaper prices mean I can buy more reading material.

Candi: Meb, you apparently have a varied background and one rich with many experiences, including the business world. How has that contributed to your writing?

Meb: As a child, I had the privilege of being exposed to many adventures while living across the Deep South and Alaska. As an adult, I enjoyed employment as a legal secretary and real estate agent until my husband drug me off the tennis court to start his own company. Dealing with the public is fodder for writing fiction.Killing-People-092713_kindle

Candi: Another challenge question: According to various surveys the average American reads fewer than 10 books per year. Which of your books would you recommend they read next, and why that book?

Meb: If the reader knows where they were when JFK was assassinated, I think they’d enjoy Harbinger of Evil set during the ten days surrounding his death. If the reader enjoys a more contemporary read about vigilantism and snipers, Killing People might be a good choice. I’ve written short stories and novellas for the reader with limited time.

Candi: Both of those themes tap into current day popular tastes in books. Now for the big question: What can readers look forward to from the writing studio of Meb Bryant in the next 12 months?

Meb: The muse and I are pounding away on the sequel to Killing People. The bad guy is scaring my critique group and me. The printed book and e-book should be completed by the fall.

Candi: Since I enjoyed your novel, Killing People, I look forward to reading the sequel! Meb, thank you for taking time to share your thoughts and giving us an inside look at your fascinating writing world.

Meb: Candi, I’m flattered you invited me to AuthorCenterStage, and hope I’ve given a morsel of information to your readers and future writers. Thank you for having me.

Candi: Here’s how you can experience the entertaining writing of Meb Bryant, author of mystery suspense, and romantic suspense thrillers:

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What makes a book exciting?

Winter is here. You’re all hunkered down. Your mind is in hibernation; hasn’t had an original thought since Noah built that speed boat ages ago, and put all of civilization in the cargo area. You’re already over-dosing on ball games, celebrity glut, and car ads. The TV remote has become an extra appendage to your hand. Even the games are beginning to blur; bounce the ball, kick the ball, throw the ball, steal the ball, play inside the boundaries. Is that dull or what?

Image Credit: tinlanhchicagodotorg

Image Credit: tinlanhchicago[dot]org

You know what makes a car race so exciting? It’s not the winner’s flag. Come on, a flag waving? No; it’s all the car crashes during the race. And no, it’s not the final scoreboard at the Super Bowl that gets you excited. It’s all that stomping and kicking that goes on during the game. But then again they play inside those boring boundary lines. Pristine white lines. Ahhh the innocence of football. Dull, huh?Thrill Driven CSilkjzhybx09222014

Each of us has a sense of “norm,” or normal, middle of the road. But that isn’t what makes things exciting or interesting, especially books. Books can take us places if the story characters step, or play outside the boundary lines. That intrigues us, whets our curiosity for the different. Think about it. Have you ever recommended a “mild” war, romance, or sci-fiction book to a friend? I haven’t either. When something goes beyond the mundane our attention is hooked. Books of that nature usually make it to your top-shelf of favorite reads.

Well…characters in my erotic escapades “play” also, and most play and “crash” outside the boundaries. Actually some of my characters play in the dirt and by the end of the book they’ve got more smudges on them than any MVP ever, but they’ve got bigger smiles on their faces. That’s because they unleashed their MVP (Most Vital Passions). And they get a bit naughty and reckless at times. Oh, yes! They’re playing with emotions and body parts, the hottest game on the planet!

There’s more naughty “play” in THRILL DRIVEN than you’ll find at the stadium or on the one-eyed TV screen. Kick your reading up a notch to classy, sassy, and smart fun.

Let the NIGHT ROGUE excite you for the winter holidays. NIGHT ROGUE has a holiday setting complete with snow, and hot sizzling passions that ignite the night. I think you’ll enjoy the erotic escapade.Night Rogue CSilkjxhybz02142014

You’ll have to agree that some of the most entertaining moments you ever had as a kid were when you played in the dirt; stomped in the mud. Yeah, I know, your mom jerked a knot in you afterwards, but I’ll let you work that out with her.

So toss the remote, excite your mind with some entertaining books.

Winter’s here; chill out with a Candi Silk hot read. Enjoy playing in the dirt, again! I promise not to tell your mother.

Here’s my Candi Silk Author Page.

5-Star Review: Chain of Title

An endless chain of explosive events and emotions from page one!

From the time Shayna Chastain signed on the dotted line, her comfortable life of twenty-five years took a seemingly legal subtle turn, then raced out of control like a careening ride on a runaway big rig without a brake, and with an endless, descending  mountain road ahead.

Robyn Roze, Author

Robyn Roze, Author

Are you breathless yet? You will be for the next 357 pages of Chain of Title. Author Robyn Roze has established her writing voice, one that fills her novels with realistic characters fully equipped with flaws, aspirations, wants, and needs. Character motivations that swirl in conflict as the plot simmers and thickens.

Chain of Title is quality work delivering a unique set of characters that are distinctly different, and yet find themselves meshed in a common gravitational pull on a collision course headed for an exciting cataclysmic ending. Emotionally explosive reading!

After the devastation backdrop on the first few pages, of particular interest to me as a reader, was the vibrant resilience of forty-eight-year-old Shayna Chastain, who now faces life on the other side of mid-life. Yes, Shayna is challenged by the calendar, but dormant embers of emotion are set aflame, blazing into a youthful romantic renaissance like she’d never thought possible. And one unknown man provided the spark. But another is determined to snuff it out. And now the chain of choices facing Shayna are loosened by the author, and the reader is at their mercy also. Chair of Title 41LJWHjTKKL._UY250_

Author Roze masters dialogue that makes a reader want to listen in on every conversation, even the most intimate ones. Roze deserves a gold pen for giving us honest to goodness adult conversations and interactions, reflecting adult inner thoughts of her mature characters. How refreshing that is in the sea of silliness and immaturity that surrounds much of our current day media choices!

I commend Robyn Roze for her masterful romantic suspense, Chain of Title. Now that you jerked our “chain,” Ms. Roze, we’re hooked on your novels, and linked to your writing. While you decide where you’re taking us next in your writing world, I’m happy to hook another Five Stars to your growing collection!

Robyn Roze’s Amazon Author Page.

Breathless Romance Suspense!

Reading a Robyn Roze novel is like being perched on top of the most world-famous roller coaster. You look around; there is no last minute exit door, no parachute, no safety net, no escape. For a moment the coaster experiences the calm of weightlessness with a teasing rollout until gravity beckons, and then all hell breaks loose.51Gs6IC6GcL._AA160_

The gravity of Roze’s characters in Find Her Free Her, the final book in the Keeper Trilogy, takes hold and there’s no turning back. As a reader you can’t reverse the emotional suspense unwinding among Olivia, Jake, and Nick, as their worlds collide in a mind-bending frenzy of inverted emotions and demanding desires.

Roze has no mercy on her characters, confronting them with the impossible, daring them to search for their own resolution and redemption in the spiraling twists and turns toward an unknown destiny until the last page is turned. Of course the reader is left as breathless as her characters, and yet wanting to take another ride on the rollicking roller coaster of Robyn Roze.

I never give away the details of a story in my reviews; I leave that delight for other readers to discover, and enjoy as Roze’s characters come to life and plot their adventure page after page. But you’ll discover her characters are faced with conflicting choices that add intense fuel to the already over-heated story.

Her Five-Star Keeper Trilogy is packed with 500-plus pages of romance, suspense, and thrills to keep you on the edge of your seat, and your e-reader full of passion-driven heat.

Ms. Roze, your readers are standing in line, waiting for your next exciting novel. Keep the ink flowing!

Robyn Roze’s Author Page.

Suspense on the run!

Elle Klass doesn’t waste any time creating challenges for her characters, and surrounding her readers with suspense. After confronting her main character, Cleo, with survival on the streets as a 12 year-old in Baby Girl 1, Klass turns the heat up in Baby Girl 2. Cleo, now a fully blossoming adult woman, is faced with mounting trauma and tragedy, plus some unknowns from her past she didn’t count on.41ONZaNXByL._SS300_

Luckily, out of hardships on the streets, she formed some rare friendships that will get tested for their lasting quality. As unknown threats close in, she is forced from the protective shadows of street life to find safety in another country, France. More unknowns for Cleo to cope with, calling upon her innovative skills in re-making her image. She is no longer Cleo, but now Justine Holmes.

New name, new stunning look, but still dogged by the shadows of her past even though a new happenstance meeting was about to thrust her into the full light of day. Into a world of fame and fortune, taking her to social heights she could have never imagined, bringing her to the blissful threshold of romance and love, until the shadows of the unknown gather once again into threatening storm clouds.

Now forced to run again, fearful of her past and also her growing unease at her own identity, Justine Holmes is riding in a taxi through the dark of night, heading for the airport, ticketed on a flight to the City by the Bay. A destination that’s bound to hold more unknown suspense for a woman on the run.

Author Elle Klass has succeeded in taking an obscure character from the lower layers of the socioeconomic fabric of society, and spinning an exciting story of adventure. And the adventure promises to continue with Baby Girl 3 – City by the Bay.
Five stars for Elle Klass and Baby Girl 2 – Moonlighting in Paris!

Elle Klass’s Author Page.

Five-Star, Heart-throbbing romantic suspense!

Having read Keeper, and Keep Her, by author Robyn Roze, I feel suspended as if nearing the top or crest of a reckless roller coaster. And I’ve come to believe that’s exactly where Roze intends to take her readers, to the edge of anticipation.51qsQinmLRL._AA160_

Keep Her is the second novel in her Keeper Trilogy. Roze packs Keep Her with additional heat as the triangle of main characters, Olivia, Jake, and Nick clutch and claw, trying to guard their intensifying emotional agendas. The author is skillful in keeping the tension tight with conflicting deep-seated desires.

As if that isn’t enough, Roze allows the refreshing new adult and college phase of the characters to be shadowed and challenged by the past that refuses to yield to the present or future. Throw in Roze’s talented approach to unleashing sensuous intimacies, and Keep Her becomes a sizzling brew of hormone-filled entertaining reading.

And the reader is stretched between the blissful allure of romance, and the thrilling draw of risky suspense that seems to breed on its own page after page. It’s the perfect combination of romantic suspense, edgy and seductive.

Keep Her took me to the crest of Roze’s reading roller coaster, as I read the last sentence in the novel. A clincher! I knew then I was hooked on the magnetism of Roze’s writing style and the pulsing storyline, and my Kindle is happy that I downloaded Find Her Free Her, the final book of the Keeper Trilogy. I know I’m in for a daring and entertaining evening on a reading roller coaster that has no limits.

There is no doubt where author Robyn Roze fits on my reading shelf. I’ve decided to Keep Her as a top-shelf favorite, now that I’ve found her!

Keep Her is Five-Star entertainment! So keep your ink pen filled, Ms. Roze, your readers are hooked!

Robyn Roze’s Amazon Author Page.

Elle Klass – Five-Star Author

Resonates with heart-warming emotion!

Deciding to purchase and read As Snow Falls by Elle Klass hinged on something intriguing that many authors have attempted to do: Pigeon-hole human behavior and/or the human experience. From the 1984 popular and somewhat controversial Passages by Gail Sheehy through current day, countless authors have taken on that challenge of defining the human experience. But often the approach is to lump our human experiences into big chunky categories, e.g., the teens, the 20s, 30s, 40s, etcetera. I think you get the picture.

new cover 2

Elle Klass goes beyond that. Rather than trying to squeeze the entire universe into bulky packages or compartments, the author takes a single life, and As Snow Falls tells the reader a story, simple and plain, but one loaded with a lifetime of heart-tugging experiences, as full-sized characters come to life.

The book is simple enough, but deep as the falling snow with heart-touching passages of time from the vantage point of one individual and her radiating circles of relationships that begin to form and expand over time.

Klass breaks through another barrier. As a reader, I love dialogue; I thrive on it. This is a telling story, but is it ever real, so real it becomes an experience of intimacy for the reader. I loved the simple “telling.” Klass’s blend of words and sentences not only reveals the heart of her story, but exposes the reader’s feelings at every level. Thus that feeling of intimacy with the central character, Storm, as she shares the reflections of her life.

The author chooses a perfect setting as she unravels her story. A mountain cabin, simply furnished, but rich with memories of the passage of time, as the rocking chair creaks quietly, and As Snow Falls outside. Klass leaves nothing out. Her story is rich with emotion, complete with phases, ages and stages, and pivotal points and places that form the dots along life’s path that we often fail to connect, until we reflect, quietly.

This is a story about aspirations, dreams, falling down and getting up, and following dreams again. You’ll come face to face with the simple arithmetic of life, the adding and the subtracting, the gains, the losses, and rewards. But it all adds up as reflections of memories, As Snow Falls.

me and wesley

It is a beautifully written excursion of the human experience. Imagine gathering with a few close friends up at the mountain cabin, favorite beverage at hand, and crackling fire in the hearth. The author, Elle Klass, is seated before us in a rocking chair, gives us a smile, nods toward the large picture window framing the snowy night, and quietly says, “As Snow Falls, let me tell you a story.”

And Klass does just that, an evening filled with Five-Stars of enjoyment from her emotion-tugging story. As Snow Falls has earned a permanent place in my women’s fiction books. And I gladly give another Five-Stars for the selection of the book’s cover which was illustrated by Renae Van Brunt, the author’s daughter. In a world where everything screams for attention with vivid color, the simple, subtle drawing was a welcome relief.

Congratulations! A high-Klass piece of work, Ms. Klass, in every sense of the word.

Elle Klass’s Amazon Page.