The scent of a woman drove him crazy!


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July 1, 2015

Not just any woman, but this woman; The Aroused MILF. Her fragrant scent. A secret, but her arousal was about to be uncovered, stripped bare, exposed, experienced, tasted. “Scorching delicious!”

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Oh, no! You would never do it! But she did!


 Bad, blushing, blistering!


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The Aroused MILF

Lisa was an older woman; Chase was a younger man. It was dangerous, forbidden, risky, taboo; it was the kind of thing decent people didn’t do. It would stir scandalous gossip; taboos like that always did, especially within families and across the neighborhoods.

But the explosive temptation of forbidden and naughty erotic emotions had been building and breeding for years. Lisa’s unmet and untamed erotic female fantasies unleashed in a fury of want, surprising even to herself.

Chase was driven by his own forbidden erotic fantasies of wanting something he shouldn’t want, a woman beyond his reach, but his carnal need was unquenchable. How would they resolve the unmentionable family taboo?

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Twitter-3-Way-FM-SM-TMGot sand in your bikini? Bummer! Dirt in your e-reader? Now, that’s hot and fun, if it’s Candi Silk’s erotica.

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You Can Never Get Enough Candi!

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Oh, Mrs. Robinson, please say you didn’t?

“Yes, I did!”

Annie Robinson was an ordinary woman, wife, mother, business executive, and could easily be your neighbor next door. But one morning she felt ordinary wasn’t working for her any longer. And then there was the reality of soon turning the big four-oh, 40, fast approaching on a runaway calendar. She made a small decision; something shifted; desires swirled, passions sparked.TNW-04202015xyz

But she wasn’t sure what to do with her restless feelings until a few events collided and her long-hidden inhibited desires and fantasies unwound, igniting fires of uncontrolled passions, needs and wants. Fantasies of romantic erotica she’d never had before: Did she want to be a cheating wife? If her husband watched her with another man, could they face each other? Or would it fuel their sexual fantasies to wife watch and wife share? Just how far were they willing to go?

After reading The Naughty Wife, husbands and wives will never view each other as ordinary again. Blazing heat at full-throttle! High-octane romantic erotica. Enjoy

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The Naughty Wife launches May 1, 2015!

Robyn Roze – Five-Star Author

It’s risky business reading an author for the first time. You don’t know whether you’re going to be entertained or bored, or somewhere in between. But that’s part of the excitement; not knowing, but still there’s that risk. After checking out Robyn Roze’s blog, social media sites, and reading the preview pages of her book, Keeper, I took the risk.

I’m delighted to say my “reading blind date” with Keeper by Robyn Roze turned out to be an exciting entertaining read with only one downside; Keeper kept me reading deep into the night. Lost sleep over this edgy book.

Keeper by Robyn Roze

Roze does a masterful job blending and balancing all those behind-the-scenes details that go into a novel. You know, things like setting, plot, character development, word choice and other details. The author knows the right combination to create a story world of entertainment. Even those sometimes controversial elements of intimacy between characters is handled with explicit balance, yet fully descriptive to keep the reader’s feelings on edge. For me, as a reader, that’s entertainment.

Five Stars for you Ms. Roze for Five-Star entertainment in Keeper. Soooo will I read Roze’s second book in the Trilogy? Is it possible to take one-third of a roller-coaster ride? I’m getting ready to download #2, Keep Her. Well done, Ms. Roze! I’ll catch up with you when the roller coaster stops. Whew!

You can catch up with Robyn Roze at her inviting  website.