What makes a book exciting?

Winter is here. You’re all hunkered down. Your mind is in hibernation; hasn’t had an original thought since Noah built that speed boat ages ago, and put all of civilization in the cargo area. You’re already over-dosing on ball games, celebrity glut, and car ads. The TV remote has become an extra appendage to your hand. Even the games are beginning to blur; bounce the ball, kick the ball, throw the ball, steal the ball, play inside the boundaries. Is that dull or what?

Image Credit: tinlanhchicagodotorg

Image Credit: tinlanhchicago[dot]org

You know what makes a car race so exciting? It’s not the winner’s flag. Come on, a flag waving? No; it’s all the car crashes during the race. And no, it’s not the final scoreboard at the Super Bowl that gets you excited. It’s all that stomping and kicking that goes on during the game. But then again they play inside those boring boundary lines. Pristine white lines. Ahhh the innocence of football. Dull, huh?Thrill Driven CSilkjzhybx09222014

Each of us has a sense of “norm,” or normal, middle of the road. But that isn’t what makes things exciting or interesting, especially books. Books can take us places if the story characters step, or play outside the boundary lines. That intrigues us, whets our curiosity for the different. Think about it. Have you ever recommended a “mild” war, romance, or sci-fiction book to a friend? I haven’t either. When something goes beyond the mundane our attention is hooked. Books of that nature usually make it to your top-shelf of favorite reads.

Well…characters in my erotic escapades “play” also, and most play and “crash” outside the boundaries. Actually some of my characters play in the dirt and by the end of the book they’ve got more smudges on them than any MVP ever, but they’ve got bigger smiles on their faces. That’s because they unleashed their MVP (Most Vital Passions). And they get a bit naughty and reckless at times. Oh, yes! They’re playing with emotions and body parts, the hottest game on the planet!

There’s more naughty “play” in THRILL DRIVEN than you’ll find at the stadium or on the one-eyed TV screen. Kick your reading up a notch to classy, sassy, and smart fun.

Let the NIGHT ROGUE excite you for the winter holidays. NIGHT ROGUE has a holiday setting complete with snow, and hot sizzling passions that ignite the night. I think you’ll enjoy the erotic escapade.Night Rogue CSilkjxhybz02142014

You’ll have to agree that some of the most entertaining moments you ever had as a kid were when you played in the dirt; stomped in the mud. Yeah, I know, your mom jerked a knot in you afterwards, but I’ll let you work that out with her.

So toss the remote, excite your mind with some entertaining books.

Winter’s here; chill out with a Candi Silk hot read. Enjoy playing in the dirt, again! I promise not to tell your mother.

Here’s my Candi Silk Author Page.

7 Lovely Things Blog Hop

Seven Lovely Things Blog Hop!

After the invitation from Reed James and Christie St. Claire I decided to jump in and participate in one of the blog hops careening around the internet. My thanks to Reed, and Christie for inviting me. Both have computers smokin’ with sizzling reads. Give them a try, if you can handle the erotic heat.

The idea behind 7 Lovely Things is that I share 7 things you didn’t know about me. But once you read these things I’m sure you’ll agree my 7 naughty erotica titles, Thrill Driven, Lust Driven, Night Rogue, Find Me, Hot Couple, Swap Me, and Taste Me are much more exciting. Download all seven titles. 7 is bound to be a lucky number for you!

Candi Silk’s 7 Lovely Things
1. I cut the cable on paid TV – I refuse to pay for a glut of ads that eat up valuable programing time. I refuse to pay for ads crammed before me. If a company wants me to watch their ad, they should be paying me. Somehow the TV service representative didn’t see my logic. Oh well. I have an over abundance of HD channels on free-air broadcast, plus I stream selected movies. Books are much more interesting!

2. I almost flunked freshman college English – Yeah, almost. But the good thing is, learning isn’t confined to one class, one building, or one campus. And neither should it stop once a diploma is in hand. Learning can take place 24/7 all your life. Your mind thrives on it. Enjoy it!

3. Dropped out of college – After my freshman year, I ran out of money. I dropped out, and worked a full year in a tough environment. I learned more during that one year than any other single year of life. When I re-enrolled that following September, books, classes, professors, and learning had a brand new meaning for me. Challenging and inviting. Try it! You won’t be the same.

4. Quiet! Writer at work – Yes, when it comes to writing I need quietness. I enjoy music, but separately from the actual writing. And the funny thing is, when I’m listening to music I’ll get some great inspiration, and writing ideas. But I have writing colleagues who need music when they write. What’s your style?

5. I have a family filled with diversity – ages, race, religion, cultural, political, education, all kinds of preferences. It’s like being surrounded by the world. We’re all members of planet earth; diversity adds a touch of interesting spice. But we’re more alike than unalike. Right?

6. Cranberries! – I love cranberry-flavored almost anything, and cranberry-pineapple combinations are absolutely decadent and delicious. How about you?

7. Edgy erotica – The title I’m working on now ventures deeply into a popular, but controversial area (sub-genre) of erotica. One that has particularly captured/enthralled and excited married women. And of course their husbands are a vital and exciting key. That’s all I’ll reveal now. Surely you didn’t think I would uncover everything on the public internet? But keep watching, and keep guessing; you might be on to something hot. After all, my readers are smart, sexy, and naughty!

And now let me share some interesting places to hop over to: A few of my author friends. They write in a mixture of genres and know how to put readers on the edge of their seats. I can’t promise what they’ll be working on at the moment. Just check them out for yourself. I flipped a coin and have listed them randomly. Click the highlighted links for their blogs. Enjoy!

Elle Klass – women’s fiction
Evan Asher – contemporary romance
Taylor T. Fulks – women’s fiction
Maggie James – psychological suspense
Michael W. Smart – mystery thriller suspense
Robyn Roze – romantic suspense
The Bee – a blog with lots of buzz
Reed James – erotica
John Tucker – multi-genre
Christie St. Claire – erotica

A teasing tempting ride you won’t forget!

Reed James has slammed home another winner with My Test-Drive Lover. And he does it with highly-sexed protagonist, Aurora, who is working in a high-priced auto dealership. The manager is putting the pressure on her to close more deals, sell more cars.

Aurora is okay with that in theory, but her idea of closing a deal and making that happen is completely different; much more creative and filled with seductive techniques that aren’t taught in advertising and marketing classes.secucingwomencover2rom

The author revs up My Test-Drive Lover with the highly charged libido of lovable Aurora, who has no limits or inhibitions when a customer, or his Significant Other, is in her hands, literally.

Without giving this story away, let’s just say when Reed James fills his ink pen, things tend to go a bit wild, especially if Aurora is working the story. And in My Test-Drive Lover, Aurora fine-tunes everything, leaving nothing unattended, before bringing the deal of the day to a screaming climax, or close.

Either way, Aurora knows how to make it thrilling. Just remember, if you take a test-drive with Aurora, expect exciting curves as the two of you probe the deep possibilities of a high-performance, up-and-down riding experience. You’ll be impressed with how everything handles and feels, especially when that hot little engine peaks. And the pleasure of doing business and cutting deals with Aurora is worth the price. Her performance alone will keep you coming…back for another deal.

A Five-Star review for My Test-Drive Lover!
And Mr. James, please let us know where Aurora is working next; she’s a delight!

Reed James’s Amazon Page

Thrill Driven Untamed and Unleashed!

Thrill Driven reads at reckless speed!

What happens when a woman is thrill driven? Successful business woman, 36 year-old Marla knows from experience it’s that sudden sharp feeling of excitement. That lusty rush of desire, want, and need, and the craving to satisfy it. More than ever she seeks to do that in Thrill Driven, Candi Silk’s latest erotic escapade.Thrill Driven prplxx09222014

After ending her emotionally barren marriage, Marla has regularly explored sensuous thrills with her favorite bed buddies, Ben and Ray. Both twenty-something, well-equipped studs. Seeking another level of thrills, Marla has invited Sherrie, Ben, and Ray for a long-weekend of “play.” But plans change, as Marla and Sherrie meet a third woman during a night of dancing.

Long-hidden desires come together as the three aroused women drink, dance, and play together. Discovering their womanly libidos are in sync, their swirling desires crave another level of eroticism as Ray joins them. And the night is driven full-throttle as the foursome swap naughty thrill after thrill, panting for satisfaction.

You’ll have a front row seat as uninhibited thrills spill forth page after page, enough to drive your e-reader over the edge, and blazing heat for your reading entertainment!

Thrill Driven, now available from Amazon, Smashwords, and shortly on other distribution channels.

Reed James – Five-Star Author

A scorching, sensuous seduction!

Reed James is a rarity. He’s a male author not only writing in the realm of erotica-erotic-romance, but writes with a sensitivity for his women characters. A rarity on both accounts. Few male authors venture into the “lovey-dovey” side of writing. Reed James is a refreshing stand-out among his writing colleagues.

After checking out the author’s online activity and reading the Amazon preview pages for The Girl at the Bar, I was convinced I was in for an evening of reading entertainment. And James proved he was up to the task.


He writes with a pen that flows with liquid heat, as his characters get fired up with their desires of the flesh. The author has a knack for creating characters that could easily be the neighbor next door, but once unleashed on the pages of his erotica titles all bets of innocence are off, including several articles of clothing.

The Girl at the Bar is premium-packed with passion as the lead character, Aurora, sets her sights on the next woman she intends to seduce—from the book’s description you know Aurora is comfortable with her lesbian tendencies. As a reader, I raced on to the next pages eager to discover how Aurora would lure her prey and enjoy the delights of her bootie. But this is no ordinary seduction; it’s the seduction of a “straight” woman. We’re already at flame-thrower heat level. Scorching!

With Aurora loose in the night, no woman is safe, or shall I say no woman’s sexuality will ever be unexciting and boring again, when at the mercy of Aurora’s roving hands and tantalizing tongue.

Reed James selects the right word combinations to entice the reader further into his story, swirling with a mixture of desires and needs seeking satisfaction, over and over through the night. His word choice coaxes and teases the reader into the seductive pull of physical desire matched with emotional wants. No shortage of rewards for the reader’s expectations.

The Girl at the Bar is a time-release bundle of reading entertainment that led me to download the sequel, My Test-Drive Lover. As I expected, an even hotter read involving naughty ladies that enjoy every delicious uninhibited thing they do.

Reed James has earned a shelf inside my Kindle, and I easily give him Five Smoking-Hot Stars for his writing entertainment in The Girl at the Bar, and My Test-Drive Lover. Well done, Mr. James!

Reed James Amazon Page

Have Fun With Books!

That title might be a little offensive to some or seem like a misnomer. We’ve all had our unique experiences with books and the printed page. Many of those experiences were not pleasant. Remember how painful it was when your teachers gave that dreaded assignment that you must read certain books and write a report if you intended to pass the course. Ugh!


But once through school or college your time is more flexible and so are your choices, especially when it comes to deciding what you want to read. Even though most communities, local or global, are immersed in advanced audio and visual technologies, books, either printed or digital, remain a great global pastime for learning or pleasure.


There are many platforms for acquiring books to add to your personal library, and one of the most convenient that I’ve discovered is just a click away with Google BoHotCouple jhbSilk02042014oks and Google Play. If you’re tied in with the Google products, you’ve already discovered how closely linked your email, circles, communities and other connections are to each other. And with a few clicks you can be virtually surrounded by an abundance of books. I’m working to have all of your favorite Candi Silk titles listed.


And it’s such a great time of year to settle back with some fresh downloads for pleasure reading. Yes, pleasure reading for the coming balmy spring days and the full heat of summer. A comfortable reading corner, your favorite beverage, and the next book you’re going to jump into. And of course it’s much more enjoyable if you share the reading with your SO. I have two neighbors, husband and wife, who read to each other. Yes, romance is in the air!


Well, now, it’s even more enjoyable if you’re reading one of my Erotic Escapades with your SO. But let me warn you, Candi’s erotica can stir your libido, and if that happens, well, umm…maybe you should put the book down and pay attention to your libido, but I can’t be responsible for what you and your SO get into.


Have fun with Candi Silk’s Erotic Escapades! They’re “breaking-out” at your favorite online bookseller.

It’s Spring Book Season!

Since Halloween, we’ve eaten our way through different seasons of candy; Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, St. Patrick, and now Easter. The shelves are loaded with pastel-colored Peeps. (I wonder, do Peeps tweet?) And soon we’ll be into red, white and blue cotton candy for Memorial Day and July 4th (here in America). Amazingly, candy finds its way into most of our seasons of celebration.


But books never go out of season. Every year millions of books are published in print and e-book formats. That means readers have tremendous and often overwhelming choices. But having a wealth of options isn’t a new occurrence. For most of the world, we see an abundance of choices on menus, in clothing stores, yearly car models, entertainment venues, and other areas where consumers gather.

People primarily read fiction for entertainment, enabling a reader to escape into a world of fictional characters. When one reads, the mind engages and becomes active along with the characters and story. Words do wonderful things by eliciting flashing images in the mind of the reader. Images that touch the very essence of a reader’s experiences, feelings, and fantasies.

I write erotica, flavored with naughty characters as they embrace their sexuality. I write one “shade” of erotica: Mutual Pleasure. NEVER abusive. And I have given “select” words my special meanings. In each Erotic Escapade you’ll find a copy of Candi Silk’s Wicked Words. It’ll introduce you to my “style” of erotica. And I hope my writings will bring you many entertaining images. “Oh, my yes-s-s!”

TASTE ME is full of sensuous flavor.

So enjoy a taste of Candi!