A captivating, striking, and resonating thriller!

In The Second Captive, author Maggie James weaves an intriguing psychological thriller based upon the psychology of the Stockholm syndrome which was highlighted during a real event that took place in Stockholm, Sweden in August, 1973. However, James’s fine-tuned fingers of fiction tap out an absorbing account of much more than a rehash of a journalistic or historical rendition of a harrowing real life event. The author seems to have a fondness for taking the reader further than simple reality. And that she does with The Second Captive.TSC 23565397

James puts a modern day spin on her novel, and broadens it with deep layers of twisting suspense that ripple beyond the central character of Beth Sutton. The author cleverly coaxes the reader into a believable scenario of the “syndrome” becoming a harsh reality to an ordinary person. It is that possibility painted by the pen of James that puts the reader on the edge of one’s seat as well as the edge of reality. Scary, but that’s the rush that comes from anything James writes.

Protagonist Beth Sutton could easily be your family member, or even you, as you will discover when reading The Second Captive. James is masterful in crisscrossing the emotions and agendas of the protagonist, and antagonist, Dominic Perdue, as her novel proceeds. And Dominic wants something far beyond one’s imagination. What seems unthinkable and most unlikely, suddenly becomes all too real for all of James’s characters. And that alone peels back another layer of human relations, revealing the underlying fragility. James has a way of presenting her characters in full dimension, reflecting easily the connection between characters and reader. And that’s the point where a story becomes real, believable.

Maggie James, Author


My reviews never divulge story elements, but I’m more than glad to let potential readers know you won’t be disappointed with The Second Captive. James does not allow her story to drag, and neither does she fill it with fluff. Every chapter is saturated with substance. Her word choice, and plot pacing will keep your pulse pumping, as you pant and fret along with her characters, begging for some kind of resolution and relief. Proof again that the excitement James spreads with ink is felt within the emotions of readers. You don’t just read a book by Maggie James, you experience it, emotionally!

Rather than hold my gold stars captive another moment, I gladly award 5-Stars for The Second Captive! Keep writing winners for your readers, Ms. James!

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It’s Book Season!

Yes! That’s right. Halloween not only kicks off the official Candi (It just looks better spelled like that. 🙂 ) season, but leads to other autumn and winter holidays on the way. But even bigger is the over-arching autumn and winter months that are perfect times to curl up with a collection of favorite books.

New releases are happening virtually every second and the harvest of entertaining books is never more abundant than right now. I hope you’ve decided to purchase an e-reader of your choice so you can take advantage of the convenience of digital reading. Yes, I know, an e-book is a departure from a traditional paper and ink book. Think of it this way: Are you still holding out for the telegram and the Morse code as a way to stay in touch with your social circles? Neither am I.Reading in Stacks

Oh no, I’m not an either-or person when it comes to preferring paper books vs digital books. I prefer both, and still have more paper and ink books than digital. I just love the convenience of the e-reader. Whatever your preference, settle in for the season and enjoy some great books.

Take time to browse the different categories and genres of books and look for new releases. Above all make it a point to discover new authors. Sample the “look inside” and preview features offered online at your favorite bookseller. Those sample pages will help you decide if that book and/or author is for you. By visiting the author’s online sites you can gather additional insight to the author and her/his work.Book Club

If you’re looking for some specific recommendations, click on the Five-Star Author tab at the top of the blog. You’ll find a list of authors and their genres that I’ve enjoyed. Visit their author page or website and sample their work. You’ll find writing worth checking out.

After you try, and enjoy a new author’s work, take a few minutes to write a thoughtful review. Reviews are greatly appreciated by authors, and your impressions can be helpful to other readers browsing for another read. Include in your review what you liked about the book. And remember the tone of your review is a reflection upon you, not the author. One can still be civil and respectful when expressing positive or negative impressions.

Whatever you do, grab those leftover bags of Halloween treats, and crack open a new book.Dog Reading

It’s book season! Enjoy!