7 Lovely Things Blog Hop

Seven Lovely Things Blog Hop!

After the invitation from Reed James and Christie St. Claire I decided to jump in and participate in one of the blog hops careening around the internet. My thanks to Reed, and Christie for inviting me. Both have computers smokin’ with sizzling reads. Give them a try, if you can handle the erotic heat.

The idea behind 7 Lovely Things is that I share 7 things you didn’t know about me. But once you read these things I’m sure you’ll agree my 7 naughty erotica titles, Thrill Driven, Lust Driven, Night Rogue, Find Me, Hot Couple, Swap Me, and Taste Me are much more exciting. Download all seven titles. 7 is bound to be a lucky number for you!

Candi Silk’s 7 Lovely Things
1. I cut the cable on paid TV – I refuse to pay for a glut of ads that eat up valuable programing time. I refuse to pay for ads crammed before me. If a company wants me to watch their ad, they should be paying me. Somehow the TV service representative didn’t see my logic. Oh well. I have an over abundance of HD channels on free-air broadcast, plus I stream selected movies. Books are much more interesting!

2. I almost flunked freshman college English – Yeah, almost. But the good thing is, learning isn’t confined to one class, one building, or one campus. And neither should it stop once a diploma is in hand. Learning can take place 24/7 all your life. Your mind thrives on it. Enjoy it!

3. Dropped out of college – After my freshman year, I ran out of money. I dropped out, and worked a full year in a tough environment. I learned more during that one year than any other single year of life. When I re-enrolled that following September, books, classes, professors, and learning had a brand new meaning for me. Challenging and inviting. Try it! You won’t be the same.

4. Quiet! Writer at work – Yes, when it comes to writing I need quietness. I enjoy music, but separately from the actual writing. And the funny thing is, when I’m listening to music I’ll get some great inspiration, and writing ideas. But I have writing colleagues who need music when they write. What’s your style?

5. I have a family filled with diversity – ages, race, religion, cultural, political, education, all kinds of preferences. It’s like being surrounded by the world. We’re all members of planet earth; diversity adds a touch of interesting spice. But we’re more alike than unalike. Right?

6. Cranberries! – I love cranberry-flavored almost anything, and cranberry-pineapple combinations are absolutely decadent and delicious. How about you?

7. Edgy erotica – The title I’m working on now ventures deeply into a popular, but controversial area (sub-genre) of erotica. One that has particularly captured/enthralled and excited married women. And of course their husbands are a vital and exciting key. That’s all I’ll reveal now. Surely you didn’t think I would uncover everything on the public internet? But keep watching, and keep guessing; you might be on to something hot. After all, my readers are smart, sexy, and naughty!

And now let me share some interesting places to hop over to: A few of my author friends. They write in a mixture of genres and know how to put readers on the edge of their seats. I can’t promise what they’ll be working on at the moment. Just check them out for yourself. I flipped a coin and have listed them randomly. Click the highlighted links for their blogs. Enjoy!

Elle Klass – women’s fiction
Evan Asher – contemporary romance
Taylor T. Fulks – women’s fiction
Maggie James – psychological suspense
Michael W. Smart – mystery thriller suspense
Robyn Roze – romantic suspense
The Bee – a blog with lots of buzz
Reed James – erotica
John Tucker – multi-genre
Christie St. Claire – erotica

Bee Halton – Five-Star Author

A sweet-spot in cyberspace!

You’ll have to read the “about” tab on Bee Halton’s blog, The Bee Writes, to get the full explanation of her name. Interesting and delightful! Look for the Happy Bee, buzzing about, collecting all kinds of social pollen to make into some tasty reading and viewing. The Bee Writes is a world away from chaos, and you’ll welcome the calming buzz of The Bee.


Well, yes, there is always nature’s drama in The Bee’s blog. I think of it as a social flower garden. Social blooms and blossoms of reading and writing flirting with the sun, wind, and rain. Baskets of thoughts to tease your imagination. Plenty of summer’s sweltering heat, and lots of drenching after effects as well. But Bee’s writings tend to be on the upside of things about life.

And to top it off, Bee Halton does her share of poetry, all very thoughtful and uplifting. Most of Ms. Halton’s poetry is unbound in a book, and is shared frequently on her blog. Her creative verse is filled with HEAs. She is an active member of the talented Authors Social Media Support Group.

Her social media sites flourish with encouragement, motivation, optimism, and tips for readers and writers. You might find as I have, The Bee is a nice place “to be” calm and still for a few treasured moments, as you ponder the good things in life.

And fun too. For instance a fews days ago The Bee’s Rebel Mouse featured lots of pics of “dog shaming.” I laughed so hard, I had to give up on writing for the rest of the day.

So, yes, Ms. Halton, I’ll give you 5-Stars of Candi for your delicious social “honey” you share with your followers and readers. And thanks for the “buzz.” Who would’ve thought one could pack a blog with so many delightful desserts! Congratulations!

Bee Halton’s Website

True Confessions and Five-Star Authors

I made four confessions on Twitter this week. 1. Reading an author’s book is one of the most intimate relationships on our planet. Sitting quietly and mingling your thoughts with the author’s work is…intellectual soul-touching. Very intimate stuff. Agree? 2. For me, writing and reading is mixing business with pleasure. And it’s delicious and legal. 3. Yes, I always want something from you, my writing friends. I want the very best of your writing to keep me entertained…all through the night. Already sounds interesting? 4. And when you entertain me with Five-Stars, I’m gonna call you out, and expose you to my world. So always dress for the occasion…seductively.

Although I write erotica, I read from a number of genres, so no book is off limits for me. But I don’t consider myself a “reviewer” of books. My focus is mainly on how well a book kept me entertained. I can be somewhat forgiving for a few typos, grammatical errors, unfriendly layout/format, and other odds and ends. I’ll leave those details—although highly important—for others to obsess over. The question is, Can you tell me a story that will keep me entertained page after page?

I’ll bet you can. As a result I’ll become a better reader and writer. I’m pretty sure I’ve made more mistakes in my writing journey than you have. When mistakes are caught by me, or others, I try to correct them quickly. Because you see, writing is a “becoming” process, not necessarily a finished product with the first draft.

Michael Jordan did not become a champion athlete the first time he bounced a basketball; he became an all-star, day by day, and game by game, bruises and all. Caleb Johnson, 2014 American Idol winner, made three audition attempts, and then he “became.” That’s how we’ll become the best writers.

So check out my Five-Star Author tab. I look forward to sharing names, week after week of works that gave me Five-Star entertainment.

I encourage you to check out their work on their websites, blogs, author pages, and other social media sites. And I’m counting on you to give them five-star reviews. (Full cooperation will keep you off Candi’s naughty list. Trust me, you do NOT want to be on that list.) 🙂

Have Fun With Books!

That title might be a little offensive to some or seem like a misnomer. We’ve all had our unique experiences with books and the printed page. Many of those experiences were not pleasant. Remember how painful it was when your teachers gave that dreaded assignment that you must read certain books and write a report if you intended to pass the course. Ugh!


But once through school or college your time is more flexible and so are your choices, especially when it comes to deciding what you want to read. Even though most communities, local or global, are immersed in advanced audio and visual technologies, books, either printed or digital, remain a great global pastime for learning or pleasure.


There are many platforms for acquiring books to add to your personal library, and one of the most convenient that I’ve discovered is just a click away with Google BoHotCouple jhbSilk02042014oks and Google Play. If you’re tied in with the Google products, you’ve already discovered how closely linked your email, circles, communities and other connections are to each other. And with a few clicks you can be virtually surrounded by an abundance of books. I’m working to have all of your favorite Candi Silk titles listed.


And it’s such a great time of year to settle back with some fresh downloads for pleasure reading. Yes, pleasure reading for the coming balmy spring days and the full heat of summer. A comfortable reading corner, your favorite beverage, and the next book you’re going to jump into. And of course it’s much more enjoyable if you share the reading with your SO. I have two neighbors, husband and wife, who read to each other. Yes, romance is in the air!


Well, now, it’s even more enjoyable if you’re reading one of my Erotic Escapades with your SO. But let me warn you, Candi’s erotica can stir your libido, and if that happens, well, umm…maybe you should put the book down and pay attention to your libido, but I can’t be responsible for what you and your SO get into.


Have fun with Candi Silk’s Erotic Escapades! They’re “breaking-out” at your favorite online bookseller.